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Tata Capital > Blog > Loan for Wedding > How to Host a Fun Sangeet Ceremony Online?

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How to Host a Fun Sangeet Ceremony Online?

How to Host a Fun Sangeet Ceremony Online?

Let’s face it! Indian weddings are quite lacking without a bombastic Sangeet ceremony. This musical night is the highlight of any big fat (or a slightly leaner) Indian wedding. But given the problems that can arise due to large gatherings, courtesy of the coronavirus, it is quite irrational to have a full-blown Sangeet pomp in these times.

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However, one thing we Indians know well is to be inventive, even during a pandemic. And we sure managed to come up with a temporary solution of conducting online sangeet to keep our wedding culture intact. Not sure how you can perform one? Keep reading to find out.

Virtual Sangeet Party – What is it?

With the increasing popularity of video conferencing platforms, hosting online meetings has become a piece of cake. But, we Indians took it to a whole new level by organizing online dance parties, events, and now, online Sangeet.

Sangeet has three crucial elements: dance, songs, and enthusiastic banter. You can mix up these ingredients quite easily using the video conferencing platform of your choice and voila! You have the perfect virtual Sangeet party.

Wondering how an Indian wedding tradition as convivial as Sangeet can be held virtually? Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to do just that.

Have a Theme

A theme can help your guest list come together, mainly if they’re spread across the world. The theme can manifest either in the form of a dress code, or the background of their video frame. The choice is yours. Also, a theme can make the ceremony more interactive, and in turn, more enjoyable.

Build a Playlist

Keeping the family engaged is key to a successful Sangeet night, and the imperative extends to the online rendition as well. The best way to do that is to keep them dancing and swaying to foot-tapping tunes. Whether it be a playlist of traditional Bollywood songs or groovy EDMs, building one before the ceremony will come in handy.

Have a Script Ready

To prevent your ceremony from looking like a hodgepodge of videos strewn together, you need to have a script written down before the wedding. Be it dance performances, singing, games, or host interludes, having a narrative will give a flow to the ceremony, and make it a fun rewatch afterwards.

Hire a Stream Administrator

A dedicated stream administrator can make the virtual ceremony a smooth-sailing affair while taking the burden off your shoulders. They can change the screen, record the performances, mute or unmute participants, and maintain order so that the Sangeet doesn’t get too chaotic.

Appoint a Host

A host is typically the highlight of the Sangeet function and should be employed for the online version as well. Hiring one along with a stream administrator would make it easier for you to realize your Sangeet ceremony script in a fun way.

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