Are you one of those to-be-weds who’ve had to make the tough decision of cancelling their D-Day celebrations due to the lockdown? If yes, then you’re not alone. Thousands of couples in India didn’t get to complete their nuptials due to the coronavirus paying an unwelcome visit.

But worry not! There are still many ways you can tie the knot, even in these challenging times. As you may know, the lockdown has pushed everything online, from grocery shopping to attending lectures. Guess what else has gone online? Indian weddings! Yes, the lavish affairs are now playing out as virtual weddings on video calls with hundreds of attendees.

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It’s different, it’s new, and it’s still high on energy. Also, online weddings are not as stressful as their physical, in-person counterpart. If you’re planning your own online ceremony, here are some tips to make it memorable.

Choose your platform

Lockdown has introduced us to a world of video conferencing platforms, be it Google Meet, WhatsApp Video call, or the most popular, Zoom. There’s also the option of online streaming worth considering. You can host your wedding celebrations or rituals live on Instagram or Facebook and share the real-time link with your loved ones. You can also go the extra mile and leave the stream open for the world to see.

Another great idea is to play a slideshow of photographs or your videos as a couple in the background to reminisce the older, simpler times with your loved ones.

Food and catering

Since food is an integral part of Indian weddings, a ceremony without Indian delicacies is no ceremony at all. To take care of the food situation, you can deliver meals and cocktails right to the guests’ doorstep, along with the menu. If the guests live too far off, you could send them a recipe of the food and beverages. This way, you could share the same hearty meal from the comfort of your homes.

Online Sangeet and Mehendi

Virtual weddings aren’t only restricted to final day rituals and celebrations. Indian weddings have many events lined up until the final event, which translates to more virtual festivities for you and your guest list.

Fun occasions like Mehendi and Sangeet can be hosted online, and enhanced by choreographed performances from relatives, playing a Mehendi playlist for the ladies, and featuring games and other amusements.

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E-viting the guests

Extend the ‘Everything Virtual’ theme by sending online wedding invitations through emails or text. Make sure to tailor the message to the theme of the wedding to make the invitations seem more direct and intimate.

Set the scene

Hire a florist or a decorator to make your main wedding frame a treat for the guests’ eyes. Also, if you have a backyard, you could put it to fair use by accessorising it with drapes, buntings, arches, and many other trinkets and ornaments. You could also set a dress code for the guests to spice things up and make it more interactive.

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