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Tata Capital > Blog > Loan for Wedding > Check Out 5 Star Luxury Wedding Hotels in Mumbai

Loan for Wedding

Check Out 5 Star Luxury Wedding Hotels in Mumbai

Check Out 5 Star Luxury Wedding Hotels in Mumbai

If you’re a Mumbai resident wanting to have a grand wedding, you already have plenty of luxury options to choose from. Want to narrow down your search for 5-star hotels to make wedding planning easier? Here’s a list to help you out.

Trident BKC

If you would rather have professionals handle your wedding planning for you, you might want to consider the Trident BKC. Apart from having chic interiors and spacious banquet halls that can fit up to 850 guests, this 5-star hotel offers wedding decoration and an in-house DJ who will ensure that your D-day not only looks lit but feels so too! The in-house catering at Trident offers a range of cuisines, and the best in town patisseries are only the cherry on top.

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Planning to have a beach wedding with a long guest list? Then, Novotel, situated in the heart of Juhu, might be just the place you are looking for. This 5-star property boasts a vast beachside stretch perfect for your wedding festivities and even an additional poolside for some private relaxing time. And that’s not all. Novotel is known for its lip-smacking food, so rest assured your wedding guests will return with their bellies and hearts equally full.

Now, it's no secret that the longer your guest list, the higher the cost of the wedding, especially if you’re holding one at a 5-star rated property. So, if you ever need help with finances, don’t hesitate to get a personal loan for weddingto help you out.

ITC Grand Central

No list of5-star hotels in Mumbai for wedding is complete without mentioning the ITC Grand Central in Mumbai. This property has a total of 19 suites and 242 guest rooms, along with ballrooms and a dining area that is customizable for every type of wedding. The hospitality of the hotel staff at ITC truly stands out. Attentive and courteous, the hotel staff ensures your wedding, whether big or small, is a memorable one.

Note that the ITC Grand Central is a fairly expensive property. So, if you’re short on funds to book this place for your D-day, apply for a loan to cover the costs. Most lenders today offer easy to meet personal loan eligibility criteria, making the application process even easier.

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Sahara Star

Sahara Star is one of those luxury hotels in Mumbai for weddingthat not only houses your extensive guest list in style but does it under a budget. The attraction of this 5-star property is undoubtedly its pillarless rooms suitable for any occasion under the sun, complete with gorgeous star-studded ceilings. Another bonus? Since the property is located close to the airport, it is incredibly easy to access, especially if your guests are flying into the city for your big day.

Final thoughts

With this list of 5-star properties in hand, you can go right ahead and book a property that suits your wedding requirements. And if you need financial assistance along the way, get a personal loan online from Tata Capital.

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