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Tata Capital > Blog > Loan for Vehicle > Tips to maintain your Bike during Summer Season

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Tips to maintain your Bike during Summer Season

Tips to maintain your Bike during Summer Season

The summer season is just around the corner. As the temperature rises, the soothing warmth of spring will soon turn into scorching heat! Are you and your beloved motorcycle ready for it?

Just as your body needs to adjust to the heat, a motorbike also requires proper upkeep during summertime. So, if you own a bike or plan on getting one by availing of a two-wheeler loan, there are ways through which you can maintain it effectively.

Here we present some noteworthy bike maintenance tips for summer.

Keep an eye on tyre pressure and treads

Science suggests that heat causes elements to expand, whether it is liquid, solid or gas. Hence, tyres become prone to bursting in summer if too much pressure builds up due to air expansion. Therefore, it is best to keep the pressure one to two units lower than the standard unit.

Another great way to reduce this risk is to fill up your tyres with nitrogen instead of normal air. Nitrogen keeps the tyre from expanding and maintains a stable temperature. Maintaining a bike is a lot of work, so is acquiring a new bike these days; because the prices of two-wheelers rise every year. Thankfully, reliable lenders offer loans at reasonable rates. You can easily check the two-wheeler loan interest rate online and finance your buy.

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Check the essential fluids

Under extreme heat, your bike’s engine has to work harder. As a result, it endures more stress and expends more oil. It is good practice to check your engine oil level every week and replenish it if it falls below recommended levels.

If you own a liquid-cooled bike, regularly changing the cooling liquid is a must. With time, the coolant loses its heat absorption capacity. In hot seasons, you should top up your radiator with a high-quality coolant. It protects your bike from damaging heat by providing faster cooling.

Avoid filling the entire fuel tank

In summers, you should refrain from filling the fuel tank up to the brim. This is because petrol tends to expand in excessive temperatures. As a result, it might overflow if you park your motorcycle under direct sunlight. Always spare some space in the fuel tank to prevent such occurrences.

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Wrapping Up

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