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Tata Capital > Blog > Loan for Vehicle > Check out Safety Tips for Bike Riders

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Check out Safety Tips for Bike Riders

Check out Safety Tips for Bike Riders

As exciting and convenient as bikes are, they need to be handled responsibly. The bike rider safety and that of those around him/her should always be prioritized. Are you ensuring you maintain the highest levels of safety when on the road? Here’s a checklist to make sure you do. 

Always wear a helmet

The most important thing to do when you’re riding is protecting your head. A helmet helps to absorb a direct blow to your skull and regardless of the intensity of impact, can be a lifesaver, and is as such the most crucial in ensuring the two wheeler rider safety. 

Wear the right gear

Wearing the appropriate gear while riding, especially when covering long distances, is extremely crucial. Riding gloves, a padded jacket, riding pants and riding boots offer optimum protection to the most sensitive areas of your body. 

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Ride at your own pace

Bike Speed

Riders are often intimidated by other bikers as they compare speed and riding skills. Remember, it is no race, and you will gain nothing by reaching your destination a few minutes early or late. Ride at your pace and enjoy the experience. Maintain a constant speed that you are comfortable with and stick to it. 

Ensure you are well rested

Long rides can be tiring both physically and mentally. Never try to power through fatigue to make up some time. A mentally tired rider is low on cognitive functioning. If you experience fatigue and exhaustion, take a break, have some refreshments and only when you feel comfortable, get back on the saddle. 

Keep your bike well-maintained

A well-maintained bike performs at its optimum level and is safe too. Not having your bike serviced regularly invites the risk of it malfunctioning and that isn’t good news when you are riding. 

Get your bike serviced from time to time and ensure all the essential parts such as engine, gearbox and tires remain in top condition. Having a good set of tires is a big plus in terms of safety. 

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Keep a basic kit handy

In situations like a breakdown, it helps to have a small maintenance kit on board. Things like a tire puncture repair kit and a basic toolkit can help you in a difficult situation. Also, having a small medical kit with essentials such as Band-Aid and antiseptic creams or liquids is always recommended.

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