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Tata Capital > Blog > Loan for Vehicle > Top 5 Safest Cars in India: Your Ultimate Guide to Secure and Reliable Rides

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Top 5 Safest Cars in India: Your Ultimate Guide to Secure and Reliable Rides

Top 5 Safest Cars in India: Your Ultimate Guide to Secure and Reliable Rides

With an ever-increasing number of vehicles on the road, the safety of drivers, passengers, and pedestrians has become a key concern. Consequently, demand for cars equipped with advanced safety technologies has also risen. 

Recognizing this shift towards safety-first vehicles, we have compiled a list of the safest cars in India. 

This guide is designed to assist you in making an informed decision when choosing a car that offers comfort, performance, and most importantly, unparalleled safety. 

The Global NCAP rating for safest car in India

The Global NCAP (New Car Assessment Programme) ratings play a crucial role in evaluating the safety standards of cars globally, including in India. These ratings are significant as they provide consumers with transparent information regarding vehicle safety features and standards.

According to the Global NCAP ratings, the safest car in India with a 5-star rating is Tata Harrier, followed by Tata Safari, Volkswagen Virtus, Skoda Slavia, and Skoda Kushaq. Here is the top 20 Global NCAP ratings for Indian cars in 2024-

S. No.CarGNCAP rating (Adult occupant score)GNCAP rating (Child occupant score)
1.Tata Harrier5 stars (33.05/34 points)5 stars (45.00)
2.Tata Safari5 stars (33.05/34 points)5 stars (45.00)
3.Skoda Slavia5 stars (29.71/34 points)5 stars (42.00)
4.Volkswagen Virtus5 stars (29.71/34 points)5 stars (42.00)
5.Skoda Kushaq5 stars (29.64/34 points)5 stars (42.00)
6.Volkswagen Taigun5 stars (29.64/34 points)5 stars (42.00)
7.Hyundai Verna5 stars (28.18/34 points)5 stars (42.00)
8.Mahindra Scorpio N 5 stars (29.25/34 points)3 stars (28.93)
9.Tata Punch5 stars (16.45)4 stars (40.89)
10.Mahindra XUV3005 stars (16.42)4 stars (41.66)
11.Tata Altroz5 stars (16.13)3 stars (29.00)
12.Tata Nexon5 stars (16.06)3 stars (25.00)
13.Mahindra XUV7005 stars (16.03)4 stars (41.66)
14.Honda Jazz4 stars (13.89)3 stars (31.54)
15.Toyota Urban Cruiser4 stars (13.52)3 stars (36.68)
16.Mahindra Marazzo4 stars (12.85)2 stars (22.22)
17.Mahindra Thar4 stars (12.52)4 stars (41.11)
18.Tata Tigor4 stars (ICE- 12.52/EV- 12)3 stars (34.15)
19.Tata Tiago4 stars (12.52)3 stars (34.15)
20.Maruti Suzuki Brezza4 stars (12.51)2 stars (17.93)

Top 5 Most Safest Cars in India

1. Tata Harrier

The Tata Harrier emerges as the best safe SUV In India’s automotive market, being renowned for its fusion of robust features and commendable safety standards. At its core is the powerful Kryotec 2.0 L Turbocharged Diesel Engine, which ensures a smooth and dynamic driving experience. 

It offers both 6-speed automatic and manual transmissions, catering to different driving preferences. Additionally, the Harrier boasts an impressive 10.25-inch digital instrument cluster, complete with a navigation display, enhancing both functionality and aesthetics.

Key Safety Features

i. Airbags: Equipped with 7 airbags, the Harrier ensures comprehensive safety for all occupants.

ii. Electronic Stability Program (ESP): Includes 17 functionalities such as Driver Doze-Off alert and After Impact Braking, enhancing overall vehicle safety.

iii. GNCAP Rating: Proudly holds a 5-star rating from the Global New Car Assessment Programme, with top scores in both adult (33.05/34) and child (45/49) safety categories.

2. Tata Safari

The Tata Safari is a distinguished choice among accident-safe cars in India. It is known for its robust build and high safety benchmarks. At its heart lies a 2.0 L Turbocharged Diesel Engine, offering the perfect blend of power and efficiency. It provides options for both 6-speed automatic and manual transmissions, catering to diverse driving styles. 

Key Safety Features

i. Airbags: The Safari is fortified with 7 airbags, ensuring all-round protection for passengers.

ii. Electronic Stability Program (ESP): This system encompasses 17 vital functionalities, bolstering vehicular safety.

iii. GNCAP Rating: It boasts a 5-star safety rating from the Global New Car Assessment Programme, achieving the highest adult safety score of 33.05 out of 34 and a child safety score of 45 out of 49.

3. Volkswagen Virtus

The Volkswagen Virtus makes a compelling case as one of the 5 Star Safety Cars in India, celebrated for its robust features and uncompromising safety standards. It's available in two versions- one with a 1.0L TSI engine, and the other with a more potent 1.5L TSI EVO engine, offering versatility in performance. 

Comfort is paramount in the Virtus, with first-in-segment electric seats for both driver and passenger, ventilated front seats, and ambient footwell illumination, ensuring a luxurious ride.

Key Safety Features

i. Airbags: Equipped with 6 airbags, the Virtus offers comprehensive protection for every passenger.

ii. Electronic Stability Control: This feature keeps the car stable and responsive, enhancing safety behind the wheel.

iii. GNCAP Rating: The Virtus proudly holds a 5-star rating from Global NCAP for both adult and child occupant protection.

4. Škoda Slavia

The Škoda  Slavia steps up as a stylish and modern choice among the safest cars in India, blending elegant design with top-notch safety measures. It features a sophisticated 25.4 cm Škoda Infotainment system, complete with a subwoofer, ensuring an immersive audio experience.

In a segment-first, the Slavia offers electric seats for both the driver and co-driver, enhancing comfort and convenience. Additionally, the sedan boasts footwell illumination and an 8-inch fully digital driver's display, adding to its modern appeal.

Key Safety Features

i. Airbags: The car is equipped with up to six airbags, providing comprehensive protection for both the driver and passengers.

ii. Electronic Stability Control (ESC): This feature is standard across all variants, ensuring a high level of driving safety by helping to maintain control of the vehicle during challenging driving conditions.

iii. Multi-Collision Brake: In the event of an accident, this system automatically brings the car to a safe stop.

5. Škoda  Kushaq

The Škoda Kushaq has quickly become a popular choice in the mid-size SUV segment, thanks to its compelling mix of features. It's known for its robust build quality and European design, making it both aesthetically pleasing and durable. 

Under the hood, the Kushaq offers turbocharged engine options that strike a perfect balance between power and fuel efficiency.

Key Safety Features

i. Airbags: Six airbags for all-around safety.

ii. Electronic Stability Control: Maintains vehicle stability during challenging driving situations.

iii. GNCAP Rating: Awarded the maximum 5-star rating in Global NCAP crash tests for adult and child occupancy.

Other Safe Cars to Consider

1. Mahindra XUC300: The Mahindra XUV300, acclaimed for its safety, is recognized as the best safe car In India under 10 Lakhs. It proudly holds a 5-star Safety Rating from Global NCAP and is equipped with standout features like seven airbags, all-wheel disc brakes, and advanced electronic stability programs.

2. Honda Jazz: The Honda Jazz, noted for its safety, has earned a spot among the top 4 Star Safety Rating cars In India. It has achieved four stars for adult protection and three stars for child occupant protection in Global NCAP tests. 

3. Toyota Urban Cruiser: The Toyota Urban Cruiser has garnered attention for its safety, securing a 4-star rating for adult occupant protection in Global NCAP's crash tests. It is outfitted with essential safety features like dual airbags and ABS, along with front seatbelt pretensioners.

4. Mahindra Marazzo: Recognized as one of India’s safest cars, the Mahindra Marazzo has been awarded a 4-star rating in adult safety by Global NCAP. This vehicle comes with safety essentials like double airbags and ABS and also includes ISOFIX anchorages.

Final Thoughts

Selecting a safe car is a crucial decision that goes beyond just aesthetics and performance. Safety ratings, airbag count, and advanced safety features like Electronic Stability Control and ABS should be top priorities. It's essential to research and understand these features, keeping in mind that a safe car is an investment in your and your loved ones' well-being.

Once you've decided on your ideal safe car, consider the financial aspect of your purchase. Tata Capital offers vehicle loans with attractive car loan interest rates and flexible EMI options, making your dream car more accessible.


1. What is the safest car in India?

According to Global NCAP ratings, the safest cars in India include models like the Tata Harrier and Tata Safari, which have achieved 5-star safety ratings. With a score of 33.05 out of 34 points for AOP for adult occupant protection, these cars were tested under the new test protocol as per GNCAP.

2. How does Global NCAP testing impact car safety ratings in India?

Global NCAP testing impacts car safety ratings in India by providing standardized assessments of safety standards and features. These ratings encourage automakers to enhance vehicle safety, leading to the introduction of advanced safety technologies and structural improvements.

3. What are the key safety features to look for in a car?

When buying a car, it's crucial to look for key safety features. These include airbags, which provide both front and side protection, and an Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) that prevents wheels from locking during emergency braking, maintaining steering control and reducing stopping distances.

Electronic Stability Control (ESC) helps maintain control during sudden manoeuvres, while seatbelt reminders and ISOFIX child seat anchors ensure the safety of all occupants, especially children. These features contribute to the overall safety of the car and its passengers.

4. What role do airbags and ABS play in car safety ratings?

Airbags and ABS are critical in car safety ratings as they are key features to protect passengers during crashes. Airbags cushion occupants from impact forces, while ABS prevents wheels from locking during emergency braking, maintaining steering control and reducing stopping distances.

5. Are there any Indian-made cars that have received a 5-star safety rating? Yes, several Indian-made cars, such as the Tata Harriet, Tata Safari, Skoda Slavia, and Volkswagen Virtus, have received 5-star safety ratings from Global NCAP. These ratings highlight the capability of Indian manufacturers to produce cars that meet high global safety standards, ensuring safer journeys for Indian consumers.

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