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Tata Capital > Blog > Loan for Vehicle > 8 Tips to Increase your Bike Mileage

Loan for Vehicle

8 Tips to Increase your Bike Mileage

8 Tips to Increase your Bike Mileage

When it comes to a two-wheeler, one imagines cruising on a buttery smooth stretch of highway with the sky above painted in sunset orange. Some also imagine wringing the throttle and scraping their kneepads as they attack the corners of a long winding road. The fact is though, more often than not, you will be on the first gear, mumbling expletives as the city traffic intensifies. 

In such a scenario, things like your bike’s power, top speed and acceleration don’t matter. What matters is fuel efficiency, and with the ever-rising fuel rates, it is one parameter that is of utmost importance. 

And if you have been wondering how to increase bike mileage, here are eight handy tips: 

1. Riding style

One of the most crucial factors is your riding style. Twisting the throttle hard might be exciting, but it also uses a lot of fuel as you do so. Pull away gradually and avoid pushing the engine to its limit. 

2. Using the correct fuel

This is a point many riders ignore. There is a high chance you will be using contaminated fuel when you visit unauthorized fuel pumps. Such adulterated low-quality fuel hurts your bike’s mileage. To increase bike mileage, always tank up at a company-owned fuel pump and try to visit the same pump each time for consistency.

3. Maintaining your bike

A well-maintained bike will always be more efficient, just like a well-oiled machine. Make sure you get your bike serviced regularly, and always do so at an authorized workshop for best results.

4. Wheels

Best Mileage Bikes

Being the only point of contact between the road and your bike, wheels have a significant impact on your bike’s performance. To increase bike mileage, make sure the wheels are in good condition with sufficient tread and optimum pressure. Low tyre pressure will negatively impact your bike’s fuel efficiency. 

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5. Keeping notes

Most modern bikes now come with a trip meter that allows you to measure specific distances. Reset your trip meter to zero each time you fill up and keep a note of the amount of fuel your bike uses. This way, you eliminate any errors you might make while calculating your bike’s mileage. 

6. Traffic sense

When stuck in peak hour traffic, it is wise to turn the engine off rather than letting the bike stay idle. A good rule of thumb is to turn off the bike if the signal or halt is expected to be over 40 seconds. 

7. Keep it light

Weight is one of the major factors impacting mileage. Keep the bike as light as possible and avoid adding accessories like chrome bars or saddlebags if not needed. One way to increase bike mileage is to keep your bike light - the lighter your bike is, the better the mileage. 

8. Avoid modifications

Manufacturers engineer a bike with countless hours of R&D to find the best possible tune for optimum performance and efficiency. Installing modifications like an aftermarket exhaust or tuning kits can damage your bike’s fuel efficiency. 

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