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Tata Capital > Blog > Loan for Vehicle > Hero Vida V1 Price – Range, Specifications, Images & More

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Hero Vida V1 Price – Range, Specifications, Images & More

Hero Vida V1 Price – Range, Specifications, Images & More

Scooters have always been popular two-wheeler for urban Indian commuters. Since the age of manual geared scooters like Chetak and Eterno to the modern gearless ones, young and mature riders have always preferred a scooter for their day-to-day commute. But like other automobile segments, the demand for green-energy electric scooters has been gaining traction. There are many e-scooters options for environmentally conscious riders, and the latest in the list of e-scooters in the Indian market is the Hero Vida V1.

Hero Vida V1 Electric Scooter Launch Date and Overview

Hero Motocorp launched its latest and much-anticipated e-scooter – the Vida V1, on 7th October 2022. It is the latest in addition to the Hero’s line of e-scooters and brings many new features, increased range and improved driving experience. Even though the Hero Vida V1 launch date has passed, the deliveries will start in the second week of December 2022. 

Hero Vida V1 Scooter Price and Variants

Hero Vida V1 is available in two variants – Vida V1 Plus and Vida V1 Pro. Vida V1 Plus is the standard variant, while V1 Pro is the top model with better specs. Features on both variants remain almost the same, but the Pro version is slightly faster due to a lower acceleration time.

See the table below for Hero Vida V1 Scooter on-road price:

Hero Vida V1 Price and VariantsHero Vida V1 PlusHero Vida V1 Pro
Hero Vida V1 Ex-showroom PriceThe Plus variant of Hero Vida V1’s price is Rs 1,45,000The Pro variant is available at Rs 1,59,000
Hero Vida V1 Scooter On-Road PriceDepending on your city, the Hero Vida V1 scooter’s on-road price may cost you approx. Rs 1,50,000 for the Plus variant.While Hero Vida V1 Scooter on-road price for the Pro model is around Rs 1,65,000.  

Hero Vida V1 Features

Both the variants of Hero Vida V1’s features are very compelling for the price bracket. The electric scooters feature a 7-inch touchscreen display and switch cubes toggle different functions. There are 3 driving modes – Eco, Ride, and Sport. There is also a custom driving mode that allows you to tweak settings as per your preferences.

You get turn-by-turn navigation, performance customizations, digital document storage, and over-the-air software updates on both the Plus and the Pro models. All the electronic equipment fitted in the Vida V1 is waterproof and rated IP65. 

Here is the detailed list of features available on both the Vida V1 e-scooters:

  • Remote start and push button start
  • Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity
  • LED headlight and taillight
  • Split seats
  • A modular storage compartment to store swappable battery and helmet
  • Anti-theft alarm
  • Track my bike and geo-fencing
  • Follow-me headlamps
  • Vehicle diagnostics
  • SOS button
  • Reverse assist

Hero Vida V1 Colours

Apart from handy features and superb electronics, you can buy a Vida V1 e-scooter in these three colours:

  • Matte White
  • Matte Sports Red
  • Matte Abrax Orange

Hero Vida V1 Specifications

Hero Vida V1 electric scooter’s colours, features, and design differentiate it from the competition. But it is not only the electronics or cosmetics that define this e-scooter. The Vida V1 packs enough power to help you cruise to your destination. You get swappable batteries, so you do not have to worry about locating charging spots. Even if you are low on battery, the inbuilt app allows you to find the nearest charging spot. 

Here are some specifications of the two Hero Vida V1 models:

Hero Vida V1 SpecificationsHero Vida V1 PlusHero Vida V1 Pro
DimensionsThe Plus model has the following dimensions: Length: 1,861 mm Width: 710 mm Height: 1,164 mm Wheelbase: 1,301 mm Weight: 124 kgThe Pro model has dimensions exactly the same as the Plus variant but has a larger battery and weight an extra kilogram more
Electric motorThe Plus model features a 6kW motorThe Pro variant also has a 6kW motor
Torque25 Nm25 Nm
Motor IP ratingWaterproof motor rated I68IP68 rated motor
Battery pack2 swappable lithium-ion batteries2 swappable lithium-ion batteries
Battery capacityThe Plus model gets a 3.44 kW batteryThe V1 Pro packs a bigger battery with a capacity of 3.9 kW
Battery IP ratingWaterproof battery rated IP67IP67 battery
Charging time5 hours 15 minutes5 hours 55 minutes
AccelerationThe Vida V1 Plus takes 3.4 seconds to travel from 0 to 40 km/hThe Pro model has slightly better acceleration and can cruise from 0 to 40 km/h in 3.2 seconds
Hero Vida V1 top speed80 km/h80 km/h
Hero Vida V1 rangeThe Plus variant can travel up to 143 km on a single chargeThe Vida V1 Pro has better range than the Plus variant, clocked at 165 km/charge
BrakesThe Vida V1 features disc brakes at the front and drum brakes at the rearJust like the Plus version, the Pro also gets disc brakes at the front and drum brakes at rear
SuspensionsTelescopic fork at the front and single rear shock absorberSame suspension setup as V1 Plus
Wheel type12-inch alloy wheels12-inch alloy wheels
Tyres90/90 section tubeless tyre at the front and 100/80 section tubeless at rear  Tubeless tyre setup the same as the Plus version

Which Electric Scooter Model Should You Buy - Vida V1 Pro or Vida V1 Plus?

Both the Pro and Plus models of the Hero Vida V1 electric scooter are very compelling, especially for urban riders looking for green transport for their daily commute. You get a storage compartment to store items like a normal scooty, plus you also get two batteries with dedicated storage for it. The scooter has ample room for a driver with decent leg room, and the seat is enough to ride with one passenger. 

So, which version you should go for depends on your budget or how you plan to use your new e-scooter. If you want to shift from your petrol scooter to an electric one or just want an e-scooter for short-distance commutes, you should go for Vida V1 Plus. However, if you wish for extra acceleration and battery to cover a bit more distance, Vida V1 Pro is the better option.

Wrapping Up

Even though e-scooters have sticker prices higher than your regular petrol scooter, they save you a handsome amount in maintenance cost and fuel prices while reducing your carbon footprint. Even if Hero Vida V1 seems a bit out of your budget, it is better to finance your purchase and bring home a new scooter without delay.

At Tata Capital, we offer two-wheeler loans even on e-scooters with up to Rs 2.85 lakhs and finance up to 100% of your new vehicle’s cost. With tenures of up to 60 months and the lowest interest rates, you can easily repay your loan amount. Visit the Tata Capital website to know more.

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