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Tata Capital > Blog > Loan for Travel > Should You Plan a Trip to Goa While Section 144 is Imposed?

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Should You Plan a Trip to Goa While Section 144 is Imposed?

Should You Plan a Trip to Goa While Section 144 is Imposed?

Goa – is probably the first place in India everyone wants to travel for a holiday. The perfect weather, soft breeze, dramatic landscapes, flowing palm trees, finest coastlines, sandy beaches, spectacular architecture, Portuguese culture, and delicious food – make this Coastal beauty extremely charming. Not to forget, Goa is India’s party capital with clubs and beach hangouts buzzing till wee hours of the morning. The famous carnival in Goa which happens every year in February also witnesses tourists from all over the world.

Goa is beauty personified and it will touch your soul in ways unimaginable. So, never miss a chance to travel to this incredible place. And if you’re worried about the recent events in the city and wondering if you should plan a trip to Goa while section 144 is imposed? Well, here is something that will help you make your mind.

What does section 144 in Goa entail?

Section 144 of the Criminal Procedure Code prohibits four or more people to assemble in one place in Goa. However, this does not ban public activity altogether but surely restricts carrying of illegal weapons including knives, sticks, etc. The section also strictly orders hotels and other accommodations to verify the identity of the guests before renting and leasing the premises.

Goa beach india

Section 144 specifically aims to verify tenants and restrict any unauthorised and suspicious person to take shelter in the state. This was a routine order, applied as a precautionary measure to prevent any danger, and uphold the security of the state while ensuring public order and peace.

However, as per the recent orders, the state has withdrawn the imposition of the section and now, Goa is a free bird for you to explore. 

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Where was it imposed and what did it mean for you?

Section 144 had only been imposed in North Goa for a period of 60 days from February 11 to April 10. South and Central Goa were always outside the radar. However, the section has been evoked by the Government and all of Goa is now free for tourists to explore.

Beaches in Goa

For you, this means that you are now free to travel around Goa, either alone or in bigger groups. Even with the imposition of Section 144, South and Central Goa were always open and had been attracting many tourists. But given the revocation of the section, you can have an even more memorable trip by ensuring you check out every side of the city. Also, the famous Goa Carnival begins on February 22, so there is plenty to do while you’re there.

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What should you do now?

You should pack your bags and visit this magically-soulful place. Ensure your trip is long enough because after Section 144 being revoked, you would be able to explore every side of Goa – North, Central and South.  Each part certainly has its unique beauty and definite charm. If this sudden announcement finds you with a desire to go but an unplanned budget seems to stop you, then trust Tata Capital travel loans.Tata Capital travel loans are easily available with minimum documentation and are easily repayable at your convenience. 

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