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Tata Capital > Blog > Loan for Travel > A to Z Guide About the Rio Carnival 2020 in Brazil

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A to Z Guide About the Rio Carnival 2020 in Brazil

A to Z Guide About the Rio Carnival 2020 in Brazil

The Rio Carnival is one of the most talked-about and popular nation-wide carnivals in the world. A blast of colors, costumes, energy, and fun, the Rio Carnival is a must visit for every person who would love the opportunity of being a part of a community that celebrates together. The carnival is all set to jive on the beats of local music and offer an experience of a lifetime to its visitors.

Here is a guide to this multicultural festival:

Dates and Address

The Rio Carnival for the year 2020 starts on the 21st of February and will go on till the 26th. The six-day long event is a massive display of local art, dance, music, cuisine, and creativity.

Brazil Rio Carnival

The final parade and samba dances will be hosted by Rio’s Sambodromo where approximately 50 different samba schools are expected to display their parades and dances based on a particular theme. The parades are a sight to behold. The Sambadromo welcomes more than 80,000 viewers every year during the carnival. They represent the Brazilian culture, displaying the best they have through their art and giving the audience an experience of a lifetime.

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What is the reason behind the celebration?

Brazilians celebrate this week-long carnival as a pre-lent party. Lent is a six-week long observation and fasting period that people of the Christian community follow.  It is a symbol of respect and acknowledgment towards Jesus Christ’s holy sacrifice. People fast on food and avoid all kinds of celebrations for these 40 days which is succeeded by Easter.

Rio Carnival 2020

Brazil celebrates the carnival a week before Lent, to make up for the days of fast and silence.

What to expect during the Rio Carnival 2020?

Once you have planned to witness the most extravagant party, the first thing to expect is vigor and celebration. Since the carnival is a way to make up for the upcoming days of lent, everything is extravagant. You can experience more fun, more people, more food, louder music, and a plethora of energy at any given time during the day.

You can also witness Blocos representing different cultures, communities and themes. Blocos are small blocks of artists and dancers. Their music, costume, dance, and make up is coordinated with a specific theme from the Brazilian culture. It is a perfect example of the country’s rich culture and heritage. You should also look forward to the local food. The carnival is a paradise for food lovers, and the street food and local cuisine make the experience truly unique.

The local businesses and shops shut down during the celebration as everybody participates in the carnival. If you are planning to shop or experience the city life, it is advisable to plan your trip a few days ahead of the carnival.

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Traveling to Rio during the carnival is the right time to experience the city in its true color and form. Plan a trip to Brazil with Tata Capital travel loans and make some good memories in the world’s greatest carnival.

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