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Tata Capital > Blog > Loan for Travel > Know About Disneyland Locations Around The World

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Know About Disneyland Locations Around The World

Know About Disneyland Locations Around The World

Going on a vacation is one of the most exhilarating experiences. Apart from discovering some fantastic locations, a trip can also be an excellent opportunity to connect with friends and family. Easy travel loans have made traveling easier for people who love to travel to exotic locations and explore new places. Some of the most exciting travel locations include Disneyland locations around the world. There are many of these beautiful attractions across the globe, and travelers can choose to go to the best-suited places.

List of the top Disneyland locations in the world

There are six official world Disney locations. They are found in North America, Europe and Asia. The sites have all the famous Disney attractions that adults and children would surely enjoy. Here’s the list:

1. Walt Disney World, Florida:
The most fascinating and the best Disneyland in the world is in Florida, USA. It is also one of the largest and was built in 1971. It is known as Walt Disney World and has some of the best and latest Disney attractions. Disney World is spread over an area of 47 sq-miles and is home to four theme parks inside it.

2. Disneyland, California:
The oldest Disney park in the world is in California. This Disneyland was built under the guidance of Walt Disney himself. Many people call it the most famous Disneyland because it has an old-world charm with some of the most vintage Disney rides and modern attractions. The park is vast, and it takes visitors three days a week to explore it thoroughly. So anyone visiting should have ample time on their hands to ensure that they visit all the parts of the parks.

3. Disneyland, Tokyo:
Tokyo’s Disneyland has a distinct history as it is the first Disney theme park to be architectured outside America. It is also said to be the world’s best Disneyland because it has fantastic facilities, state-of-the-art rides, and other tourist attractions. Travelers from India prefer this location as it is easier and more affordable to visit from here. 

4. Disneyland, Paris:
Disneyland Paris is one of the best Disneyland locations in the world. Situated in the heart of Europe, this vast Disney Park is high-tech and has classic and newer Disney rides. The park also has waterparks, entertainment centers, and lavish hotels, making it a one-stop solution for all visitors. Many people who visit Europe also go and explore this theme park.

5. Disneyland, Hongkong:
Another Disneyland closer to home is Hongkong park. It is attractive and promises many fun-filled moments. Many agree that it is the best Disneyland in the world. It has Disney characters walking around, making it interesting for the children. The park also has all the famous and well-loved Disney rides and attractions.

6. Disneyland, Shanghai:
One of the newest world Disney locations, the Shanghai Disneyland, is modern. It is also well-known for being very organized. Visitors experience all the vintage and modern rides while enjoying some excellent stays and cuisines in the park.

While it is popular to go on solo trips to Disney locations around the world, one can also combine the Disneyland visit with a more extensive trip to the country or region. For example, a family on a Europe trip can easily visit Disneyland Paris for a day or two. The travelers can book a 3-day trip to Hongkong with the only purpose of visiting Disneyland there.

Interesting facts to know about the world Disney locations

The idea of visiting Disneyland puts a smile on everyone’s face, so it’s pretty easy to guess just how exciting the vacation would be! However, all the Disneyland locations around the world are very crowded, and there is a tremendous rush no matter when one visits these places. Thus, travelers should smartly plan their trips and take the appropriate measures to ensure their visit to the park is a smooth and quick one. Here are some interesting facts about the parks that can help travelers while planning their Disney holidays:

1. There are hotels on the property:

There are many luxurious hotels in all the Disneyland locations in the world. These hotels are built inside the parks and staying in them enhances the Disney experience. However, staying in a Disney hotel is not compulsory when visiting Disneyland. Travelers can choose to stay in any hotel but choosing one close to the park makes more sense if deciding to stay in a non-Disney hotel.

2. Various types of passes are available:

Travelers can buy passes for entering, going on rides, etc., in advance. These passes are available online, saving a lot of time as visitors can jump the long queues.

3. Carrying water and food is allowed:

Though many cafes and restaurants are inside the world’s best Disneyland parks, visitors can still carry their food and water. There is no restriction on carrying outside food items, and it helps save a lot of money.

4. Choosing rides beforehand helps:

There are several rides and attractions available at all Disney parks. However, one cannot possibly go on each and every one of them. Therefore, it makes sense to choose the ones the visitors want to go on beforehand, as that makes the day go by smoothly and quickly.  

A traveler who visits a famous Disneyland in the world with prior preparations can surely have the best experience. So it is highly advisable for everyone to keep the points mentioned above in mind and make a solid itinerary before commencing on the trip.

The final word

There are many amazing world Disney locations all around the globe. Solo travelers, couples, families, and groups of friends can travel to these destinations and have a memorable time. The right choice should be made, and the right plan must be followed to have a smooth and hassle-free trip. Anyone looking for a financing option for traveling to the best Disneyland in the world must read more about the best travel loan from Tata Capital.

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