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Tata Capital > Blog > Loan for Travel > Top 10 Delicious Foods to Try in Malaysia

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Top 10 Delicious Foods to Try in Malaysia

Top 10 Delicious Foods to Try in Malaysia

Malaysia is nothing short of a paradise for foodies. If you are up for trying unique cuisines, then this is the place you must visit. You will have a lot to choose from, be it Chinese, Indian, Thai, Malay or many other unique preparations that are on offer in here. People here are very passionate about food; and if you fancy yourself as a foodie, there isn’t a place better than Malaysia. Here are the top ten delicious food options to try when you visit this beautiful country:

1. Nasi Lemak

Rice cooked in pandan leaves and coconut milk, what’s not to like about it? Add some sambal, and you’re good to go.

2. Laksa

Laksa is a yummy rice broth served with noodles and other condiments. Different regions have their own take on it. Visit Malaysia and do not miss trying this out. It’s totally worth it.

3. Mee Kolok

You must try Mee Kolok in Sarawak while you’re in Malaysia. It is essentially a preparation of egg noodles, stirred with lard, and topped off with pork slices. It’s simple and delicious.

4. Roti Canai

This dish is one of the many that proves how much Indian cuisine has influenced the local food in Malaysia. It consists of roti (a flatbread), lentils (dal), and chicken or mutton. The bread contains generous amounts of ghee and is made from water and flour.

5. Murtabak

This version of Indian pizza is what you need to try in Malaysia. It has minced meat, eggs, onions, cucumbers, garlic, pickled onions, and tomato sauce.

6. Pandan pancakes

Pandan, also known as the Asian vanilla, is a widely used ingredient all over Malaysia. Though you will find it being used in many dishes, the one that you must try is the delicious pandan pancake.

7. Chendul

This popular Malaysian dessert looks a lot like the Halo-halo you get in the Philippines. All you need for this dish are red beans, coconut milk, rice flour noodles, and pandan leaves.

8. Banana Cheese

Banana cheese is just banana fritters floating in condensed milk and loaded with grated cheese. The bananas are dipped in batter and deep-fried. While not great news for those who are calorie conscious, it sure is tasty!

9. Kopi-O

If you are a coffee lover, then Kopi-O is something that you will absolutely love. It is made with loads of condensed milk and is a refreshingly sweet mixture. You can also choose to have black coffee, which is just as good.

10. Durian

Last but far from least, you have to try Durian. It is a smelly and thorny fruit that you will either love or hate. However, this exotic fruit is definitely worth a try.

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