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Tata Capital > Blog > Loan for Travel > Essential Tips To Smartly Plan Your Travel And Accommodation This Christmas

Loan for Travel

Essential Tips To Smartly Plan Your Travel And Accommodation This Christmas

Essential Tips To Smartly Plan Your Travel And Accommodation This Christmas

One thing is for certain! If you want to travel during Christmas, you will be one of the thousands of individuals or families to do so. This is precisely why you must start planning your travel right away. Otherwise, you can bid adieu to preferred accommodation and flight tickets, especially if you’re travelling to popular destinations like Goa or Himachal. 

Are you taking a trip around Christmas? Well, then you’ll need these tips, as they will help you enjoy your travels at a touristy time. 

Travel Tip 1 – Fly on the 25th Of December

Know that flights on the day of the holiday or festival are always more affordable than right before and after. So, if possible, fly on the 25th of December. 

Try taking a morning or afternoon flight to reach your destination, as it will be available as well as cost-effective. In fact, the earlier your flight on the day of the holiday, the lesser the chance of delay or cancellation. Flying on the day of the holiday still ensures you spend the festival with your family and friends. 

Travel Tip 2 – Book Early

This hack works best when deployed during festivals. For example, you will likely get cheap flight and hotel deals at the last minute on any regular day, but almost never during Christmas or other festive holidays.

Therefore, finish all your Christmas travel bookings at least a month in advance. Doing this earlier is even better. However, booking too early is risky in case you can’t take the trip. This is why opt for refundable bookings. If you can plan and reserve your Christmas travel and accommodation two months in advance, you will get the absolute best prices on flights, hotels and all other rentals. 

Travel Tip 3 – Consider Vacation Packages

You can argue that tour packages cost more as compared to planning a trip on your own. While this may be true during non-festive times, it’s a different story around festivals. You will likely find booking flights, hotels and cabs on your own more expensive as compared to reserving them through a package deal.

So, seriously consider vacation packages during Christmas travel. You might feel travel packages are for older people, but you can customise them, and they are an excellent way to navigate through the crowds during Christmas. 

Travel Tip 4 – Redeem Flight and Hotel Points

Festive times are the best occasions to redeem your miles or hotel points. It's no secret that even the most budget-friendly hotels and low-cost carriers charge a significant price mark-up during the holidays.   

Be it Christmas, Diwali, Holi, summer or winter vacations; these are the "ka-ching" pockets for travel and hospitality companies. So, give up on the temptation of redeeming your miles and hotel points at all other times except during festivals. This travelling tip can help you save big bucks every year during Christmas and other festivals. 

Travel Tip 5 – Pick the Right Destination

Just like you would think twice about visiting Rajasthan during peak summer, you should also consider your destination choices as per the festival. Given that Christmas is a big festival in places like Goa, West Bengal and the North East, it might be prudent to visit these destinations at a less busy time; unless you wish to check out how they celebrate this festival. 

If you simply want to sightsee, our travelling tip is to opt for destinations other than the ones mentioned here. During Christmas, you’ll find these places overcrowded and overpriced. Most places to sightsee will be swarming with people, and the quality of service and taste of cuisine tends to go down. 

Travelling Tip 6 – Check Cancellation Policies Before Booking

When booking your flights and hotels, be sure to read the cancellation and rebooking policies. If you book ahead of time, you’ll often find hotels and airlines that allow for free date change at a very nominal price. 

Opt for these rather than inflexible reservations, as trip plans can alter anytime. Also, try to book flights from a web portal that offers free travel insurance. You may find such promotional offers in domestic sectors. 

In international sectors, we recommend you purchase travel health insurance even for countries that offer visa-free travel or visa on arrival. This travelling tip will ensure you remain flexible up until a couple of days before your trip. 

In the End

These tips for trips on Christmas will help you enjoy yourself to the fullest without burning a hole in your pocket. Anyway, funds should not be the primary reason for trip cancellations, especially now that personal loans for travel are readily available.

Instead of denting your savings, you can avail of these loans without pledging collateral. These are called unsecured personal loans. 

So, do you have travel plans for Christmas? Are you thinking of putting them on hold due to a shortage of funds? Well, don't! Simply turn to one of India's most trusted financial institutions – Tata Capital. 

We offer all types of loans, including a personal loan for travel. You will find that our personal travel loans come at affordable interest rates, extended tenures and minimal documentation. After completing your loan application process online, we ensure speedy processing so you have the money to make flight and hotel reservations on time.

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