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Tata Capital > Blog > Loan for Business > Top Business Ideas Which Require Minimum Capital

Loan for Business

Top Business Ideas Which Require Minimum Capital

Top Business Ideas Which Require Minimum Capital

As Earl Nightingale once said, “Everything begins with an idea.” While business loans can finance your plans, an excellent team can bring your goals to life, but only an idea holds the key to success.  Whether you are looking for an alternate source of income or just want to don your creative hat, business opportunities are rife! Moreover, there are various ways you can start a low investment business that is less about upfront costs and more about reaping profits.

On that note, here are four profitable business ideas with minimum capital requirements.


Saying that pickles are popular in India would probably be an understatement! These traditional delicacies are a staple in Indian households and enjoy enormous popularity abroad. You can start a pickle business with as small a capital amount as Rs. 25,000. Why, yes! The raw materials typically include fruits or vegetables, vinegar, and spices. Besides, you have multiple options like mangoes, carrots, lemons, chillies, tomatoes, and more to choose from.

Even if you create pickles on a large scale with a pickle-mixing machine, you can easily fund it with business finance.

Handmade chocolates

Did you know that India’s chocolate market reached a value of $1.9 Billion in 2020? Yes, stats from IMARC Group indicate that India now represents one of the fastest-growing markets for chocolate worldwide. That’s why manufacturing chocolates is one of the most lucrative business ideas today.

For starters, research your neighbourhood or run a survey to identify your target consumers and determine a variety of chocolates most liked by them. To purchase the raw material, packaging material, heating and cooling equipment, and kick-start the manufacturing process, you will roughly need a sum of Rs. 40,000 to Rs. 50,000.

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Cotton face masks

Who knew a virus would face masks a necessity in 2020 and a fashion statement today. The post-pandemic era offers a sea of opportunities if you want to sell cotton masks. All you need is tightly woven cotton fabric, sewing pins, scissors, and elastic loops. You can reuse your pillowcases, shirts, or bed sheets as long as they are clean and 100% cotton.

As your business grows, you can experiment with different materials and designs. For large-scale manufacturing, you can switch to a sewing machine. Simply fund your purchase with business finance. Compare various lenders to get the most competitive business loan interest rates.

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Jute bags

Jute bags are known for their versatility of usage and biodegradable nature, and manufacturing them involves a very simple process.  A jute bag making business can be a worthwhile choice because roughly, a capital investment of Rs. 1 lakh suffices. Moreover, you can set up the manufacturing unit in small spaces with an area of about 500 square feet.

Eventually, you can start selling printed and embroidered jute bags!


Do you have a creative business plan but are falling short on finances? Fret not; reach out to Tata Capital! We provide multi-purpose and collateral-free business loans. Use our business loan EMI calculatoronline and accurately figure out your monthly instalments before applying for the loan. Get in touch today!

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