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Tata Capital > Blog > Loan for Business > Top 10 Profitable Big Business Ideas In India

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Top 10 Profitable Big Business Ideas In India

Top 10 Profitable Big Business Ideas In India

India's economy is ever-growing due to the rapid changes in market trends. Moreover, a shift towards digitized models has ensured that everyone has scope for development. In easier terms, as the economy prospers and income levels grow, we are better armed than ever to find solutions.

As India is a large country with a huge population, the number of consumers is growing. Each consumer is constantly looking for new products to buy - this brings fresh opportunities for businesses to tap into.

Most Profitable Business Ideas in India

Here are the top 10 most profitable big business ideas you must start noting down today!

1.    Cloud kitchen

Cloud Kitchen is a smart way to launch your food business. The fast-paced lives, particularly in urban areas, leaves little time for cooking. At times, finding time to eat out at a restaurant also becomes a luxury. This is where cloud kitchen plays a role. So, how does one kickstart their cloud kitchen journey? A smartphone and a passion for cooking is all you need. If you are an aspiring chef, cloud kitchens are one of the most profitable businesses to start. In India, cloud kitchens are getting popular in cities like Bangalore, Mumbai, Pune, etc. While small cities are also seeing their share of cloud kitchens, the trend is yet to gain pace. How do cloud kitchens operate? In most cases, they tie up with food-delivery businesses to deliver food to customers. Little doubt exists that a cloud kitchen is a highly profitable business that needs a very low investment. If our business is thriving, you may even convert it into a restaurant.

Give this profitable business idea a go today!

2.    Wedding planner

Indians are known for elaborate weddings. Thanks to our tradition of lavish wedding ceremonies, wedding planning is a multi-million dollar industry. A wedding involves a considerable budget, sometimes going into crores. Plus, there are hundreds of arrangements to be made - from photo shoots to catering and decoration. If you can manage efficiently and plan meticulously, wedding planning can be an exciting career choice. Planning a wedding is an excellent money-making business idea as the earnings or profits are solely based on the client. If you can deliver to the client's expectations, the sky is the limit.

So, research to learn more about this high-profit business idea, making waves across India.

3.    Website Designing

The pandemic has seen a colossal rise in e-commerce business. Most of these companies require websites that attractively highlight their products and services. In today’s a business would not survive without a strong social media presence, good marketing and a unique and strong brand identity like a business logo with a unique and distinct design and colour scheme. Companies realise this and want to hire the best team to promote themselves. This has given the profession of website design a much-needed push. It is, most certainly, a big business idea and a high-profit business idea. As most websites are designed online, you can start your journey in website design without spending a fortune on resources.

4.    Interior designing and decorating

According to various stats, interior designing and decorating is one of India’s highest money-making ideas, valued at around 20 million USD. With the advent of social media and especially platforms like Instagram and Pinterest, we are just one click away from interesting design ideas. If you enjoy art and beauty and also have great taste in aesthetics, then this is the best large-scale business idea to aim for.

5.    Dropshipping

A large chunk of e-commerce involves stocking up goods, shipping them to customers, etc. For beginners in this field, this profession can be challenging. It would require shouldering a great many responsibilities and managing things to meticulous perfection. However, with a knack for learning, anyone can find success. It is not just one of the highest profitable business ideas, but also a money-making one too.

6.    Pet care services

If you love playing, grooming and taking care of animals, this profession is for you. Every family loves their pets, walking the extra mile to ensure that they are taken care of. No wonder, most pet owners want to wrap their pets in layers of luxury and comfort. These are the reasons why pet care is an ever-flourishing business in India. Beyond care, you can also provide shelters to pets whose owners have to travel on urgent work. This is a business idea that yields high profits with a low-cost investment.

7.    Travel agency

India is one of the most visited countries in the world due to its diverse culture and beauty. From huge mountains to beautiful golden deserts, from humungous waterfalls to great rivers - our heritage and beauty attract people from across the world. Hence, opening a travel agency to accommodate an ever-increasing crowd of tourists is a large-scale business idea. There are various aspects to the travel business. It can also be a collaboration of various businesses like transportation and hospitality, thus making it a big business idea.

8.    Organic farming

Gone are the days when everything was bought at a supermarket. As we as a generation become mindful of what we eat, healthy and organic food is topping popularity charts. While healthy eating is always a good habit, organic farming as a business idea is also profitable. You can either turn into a farmer, cultivate organic produce or become a distributor, facilitating the supply of food from farm to table.

9.    Coaching classes

Coaching Classes or online tuition classes are business ideas that are highly profitable at a low cost. With digitization, running an online class has become a lucrative option. It requires little capital also as classes can be conducted online. However, it is crucial to have good expertise on the subject, a good internet connection, time and patience.

10.   Digital marketing services

Much as businesses need a well-designed website, they also can't do without a robust social media and marketing team. Hence, the demand for smart and well-informed marketers is on the rise. Most businesses outsource such tasks to full-fledged marketing agencies that would formulate plans to highlight the business to its customers and investors. The marketer's pay is also attractive and depends mainly on the client. So, if you have it in you to run a stellar marketing campaign and you can sell ideas to clients, this business idea is yours to take.

Wrapping Up

To summarise, the blog speaks in depth about various business options that cater to a range of skill sets. With technology bringing the world closer, such new-age business ideas are fast gaining pace.

To help business owners get started, Tata Capital Business Loans has now brought a bouquet of options. Check the eligibility criteria & the plans on offer to make the right choice for your line of operation. A positive start & investment can lead the business to greater heights - And Tata Capital is here to make the journey smoother and hassle-free with their smart business loan.

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