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Tata Capital > Blog > Loan for Business > Top 10 Business Ideas For Women Entrepreneurs In India

Loan for Business

Top 10 Business Ideas For Women Entrepreneurs In India

Top 10 Business Ideas For Women Entrepreneurs In India

Whether it is the stereotypical societal expectation of women bidding adieu to their careers after marriage or childbirth or the hushed-but-entrenched perception of them being incapable of sitting at the C-suite, there are a lot of reasons why women might not get the deserved spot and pay in the corporate world.

Therefore, if you want to break through the shackles of corporate income disparity or juggle work with a family more smartly and flexibly, finding the right career trajectory is important.

If you’re unsure about what business to start, here are a few business ideas for women entrepreneurs that may be more aligned with not just your interest but also your current situation.


To begin with, a daycare centre is a fantastic idea for women entrepreneurs. In India, with offices slowly resuming operations, working parents would no longer have the luxury of taking care of their children while working from home. You may plan simple activities for the younger children, like gardening, reading, and drawing. And if you have a child of your own, this would enable you to start a business while also spending time with your young child.

Therefore, starting a daycare or at-home babysitting service can be the best business idea for ladies, especially for new moms who might not be able to get out of the home to work.


Most women who have a degree or experience in fashion design choose to launch their own labels. While this may be suited for a smaller population with the inherent talent and knowledge, women who want to switch careers can start their own boutique, too, if they have the zeal to learn the skills.

To start a boutique, you must have a fair knowledge of the current trends in the fashion industry. You should be able to come up with unique designs in clothes and accessories that may attract the attention of youngsters. And, nowadays, youngsters want something new every alternate day, so you can start by selling the clothes that fulfill their requirements. The beauty of this idea is that you’re not bound to sell offline. If you use online channels like Facebook, Instagram, and Whatsapp to promote your store and products effectively, it can turn out to be the best online business idea for women.

Although to start this business, you will need to have funds to acquire resources for items you want to sell. But if you don’t have adequate resources, you can always take a business loan to begin your venture. This is one of the best business ideas for women interested in fashion.


One of the best business ideas for women, who have a fair amount of work experience and have established themselves in the industry, is consultation. From marketing to HR, there are a lot of options for consultants to work with flexible timings. Depending on your interests and qualifications, you can provide clients with legal, financial, corporate, IT, SEO, or other advisory services.

Additionally, there’s always the scope to earn extremely lucrative per-session income. And when you want to expand your business, opt for a loan for business as running businesses have a higher business loan eligibility.

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Have a bigger backyard that you can turn into a quaint café? Smaller hidden joints are quite the rage these days. Even if you want a bigger lavish café, a business loan can help you achieve your dream of owning and running a place where the smell of warm coffee wafts through the windows.

Moreover, with several schemes offered by Government to support women entrepreneurs, you can take advantage of them and even take your cafe business online. Online cafes are the perfect online business idea for women. In addition, you can tie up with online food delivery companies like Zomato.

To promote your cafe, you can go to various college fests or set up a small counter in exhibitions to increase footfall. To grab some eyeballs and get noticed in the market, you can offer some discounts as well.  All in all, a cafe can be a huge success if run strategically thus making it one of the best business ideas for ladies.

Dog Training

Many people out there don’t have enough time or ability to train a dog properly, but they still decided to get one and now need someone to train it for them. So, if you have an uncanny bond with canines, becoming a dog trainer can be both monetarily and emotionally fulfilling.

You must comprehend the psychology of dogs and their owners to train canines. Instead of only teaching them how to respond to orders, you will be responsible for educating dogs at home to quit negative behaviors.

Your services will be based on your level of expertise. You could only provide service dog training or even just basic obedience training.

Home Catering or Baking

The next best business idea for women is to either start a home catering or a baking centre. The internet has blurred geographical boundaries and done away with the need to have a brick-and-mortar establishment. It’s easy for women who might not have a lot of seed capital to spare to start their own food-related business from home. Also, you can always take a business loan to buy expensive equipment or expand your kitchen space.

Event Planner

With the world slowly opening up, weddings, birthday parties, and corporate events will witness a comeback and in a grand way. As a result, the demand for event planners will be pretty high. So, if you have a knack for organizing events at home, this profession is a perfect place to get started.

Businesses, restaurants, ballrooms, and wedding guests need your event planning ideas to organize and execute special events, grand fundraising openings, and receptions.

As an event planner, you are responsible for creating a successful event while staying within the organization’s or person’s budget. Depending on the circumstances, you can be tasked with creating a budget for the event’s organizer after receiving a brief about its specifics.

Even with a small amount of money, you may launch an event planning business successfully. If the company is positioned right, it can do pretty well.

Training Centers

Very few careers are as noble as the one that deals with imparting knowledge. If you’re adept at a skill or have mastered a subject matter, then starting a training centre may be one of the most lucrative business ideas for women in India. You can teach culinary skills, launch a coaching academy, and even hire more people to expand your business. And if you’re worried about the funds, you can always opt for a business loan.

Interior Decoration

Love beautifying your home? Why not work the charm on someone else’s too? Interior designing is a flourishing career. Interior designers make indoor spaces functional and beautiful. As an interior designer, you must choose both functional and decorative elements like colours, lighting, and materials. It will be your responsibility to read and design blueprints. Because this is client-based work, you can adjust your workload to fit your personal, family, and financial needs.

To boost your interior designing business, you can create an Instagram account to showcase your work.

Whether you’ve taken a business loan to start your interior design firm or have done it on your own accord, the payouts are fantastic, making it one of the most successful business ideas for women entrepreneurs in India.

Fitness Professional

The fitness sector across India faced a massive jolt due to the lockdown. Now, with India finally freeing itself from the clasp of the virus, people will be looking to lead a healthy lifestyle.

To start your business as a physical trainer, you can look for a place where you can hold multiple classes simultaneously. Although offering your services is even better. Online training is in high demand because it enables clients to work out from anywhere and when it suits them. That being said, you can teach them something other than lifting weights or aerobics. You can also become a yoga instructor.

And, if you’re a certified nutritionist or trainer, people will be more than ready to pay good money to reach their health goals with your assistance.

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Wrapping Up

Businesses are never born great, entrepreneurs take them to heights. So just be confident and ask yourself what you really want to do. And if one of the best business ideas for women mentioned above clicks with you, then go for it.

Although, chasing your entrepreneurial goals can be extremely expensive. A business loan from Tata Capital is your stepping-stone to a financially independent tomorrow. Moreover, our lower-than-average business loan interest rates also reduce the financial burden.

And with lenient business loan eligibility, it’s a lot easier to obtain a loan for business today than for other purposes.

So, why wait? Begin your quest to become the most successful women entrepreneurs in India with a loan from Tata Capital today!

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