The past couple of decades have witnessed a significant rise in women entrepreneurs in India. Their tribe has grown manifold and continues to multiply with each passing year. This phenomenon is attributed to the changing gender roles in society, accessibility of easy business loans for women, and the digital media outreach.

Women doing business in India is not a novelty. From running a tiffin service to beauty parlours, home businesses run by women have always been present around us. However, things have become more organised and large-scale today with the advent of quick financing and the newfound freedom that women have claimed.

To further prove our point, here is a list of the top successful businesswomen in India today.

Priya Paul

The CEO of Apeejay Surendra Park hotel chain, Priya Paul, is one of the most influential businesswomen in the country. Who hasn’t heard of the Park Hotel and its subsidiaries across India? While this brand was run on a smaller scale by her father for many years, she brought it to the forefront. Today everyone knows about The Park Hotels, and Priya Paul is responsible for this transformation.

Vandana Luthra

What started as a small slimming centre is today a thriving hub of wellness chains across India. We are talking about VLCC – one of India’s most significant health and beauty brands. Vandana Luthra’s brainchild VLCC was set up in 1989 as a place to get fit. Later, this first-generation entrepreneur and philanthropist added a wide array of services such as dermatology consultation, beauty salons and hair care services. VLCC also boasts a range of wellness products that are popularly sold in the market today.

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Aditi Gupta

Young, dynamic, and relatively less known, Aditi Gupta is the founder and present owner of Menstrupedia. What she does can very well be quoted as a social business model. She, along with her husband, created a picture book to educate young girls about menstruation. After the exceptional success of this book, she took her product online and set up a website called Today, Menstrupedia has partnered with the sanitary product giant Whisper to create awareness and fight the taboo around menstruation.

Falguni Nayar

Falguni Nayar is the brain behind Nykaa – India’s largest online makeup and wellness products seller. After dedicating 20 years of her life to investment banking, she quit her lucrative job to pursue her dream, and that is how Nykaa came into existence. Her business venture has become so successful that she was awarded the “Most Powerful Business” award by Business Today in 2017.

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To sum up

Taking inspiration from these women entrepreneurs, if you want to start your own venture, now is the time!

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