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Tata Capital > Blog > Loan for Business > How To Start A Cloud Kitchen Business In India

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How To Start A Cloud Kitchen Business In India

How To Start A Cloud Kitchen Business In India

Do humans love clouds? Yes, that is why they feel being on ‘cloud nine’ when amazed. The same can be said about the food business and kitchens. The food industry is no longer restricted to just food, packaging or services and ambience. The needs of their customers are ever-evolving. The cloud kitchen business or ‘ghost kitchen’ business is one such tool to serve these needs.

In the apparatus of food business experimentation, the cloud food business is the one specimen that avoids the hassles of the dine-in business. Instead, a cloud kitchen business plan exclusively caters to take-out only and food delivery services. For this, they make use of commercial kitchens highly equipped for mass and quick food preparation.

How does a cloud kitchen business work?

A cloud kitchen business revolves around the three ’C’s. They are convenient as they work with numerous workstations around different localities. The variety of food options available and the discounted price due to lower operating costs add to the choice and cost-friendliness.

The cloud kitchen business gained momentum during the Covid19 lockdowns. As people found it challenging to experience sumptuous as well as budget recipes at their homes. Then, with the restrictions being lifted, people gradually adapted to online cloud kitchen businesses. Thus, a cloud kitchen business plan started attracting investors and business aspirants, alike. But how to start a cloud kitchen business? One might have this question before they step into the cloud kitchen business. 

Here are a few basic steps on how to start a cloud kitchen business. 

How to start a cloud kitchen business in India?

Be it a cloud kitchen business plan or any food business strategy, a carefully jotted plan that converts ideas into action is needed. For a business to be successful, there are four major pillars to be looked at. These are market research, initial investment, initial strategy and growth strategy and expense management. While there are no hard and fast rules, having a structured thought process around starting a business can help towards its sustainability.

  1. Market research 

While one wonders about how to start a cloud kitchen business, it is essential to look at the market segment. A business aspirant needs to look at its target customers. Are they young, middle-aged or old? Customers from which areas prefer ordering over dining out? What is the narrow persona of the customers? For example, some might be healthy diet enthusiasts, while others might be preferring fusion foods, home-cooked foods, continental diets, salads and more. 

With each preference, the end products cooked by a cloud kitchen business might differ. More so, this might help one make a better cloud kitchen business plan with the market needs specifically targeted. 

Other important aspects to analyse are market competition, the expertise of the owner and the quantity and quality of human resources needed to fulfil the goal of your cloud kitchen business plan. 

  1. Initial investment

So, now the market is known. The next step would be to check for the numbers. These are investment numbers, the ones that can convert into revenue or profit numbers if utilised well. Thus, making it the next step in how to start a cloud kitchen business plan. 

One needs to think about questions like these. 

Where would the initial business investment come from? 

Who would provide credit to start the business? 

What would be the aspects of the credit availed, such as collateral, tenure and interest rates? 

Where can one avail credit in a document-savvy, hassle-free and quick manner? 

With all the above questions answered, it can be easier to think about the next steps of your cloud kitchen business plan. 

Tata Capital can provide unsecured business loans to help businesses strive, drive and thrive through their business cycles. Features like customised business loans, minimum documentation and strong after-service support can help any business dream become reality.

  1. Strategy for initiation and growth

The first few steps are the most important ones, be it life or business. However, with the correct business steps, the right timing to implement the same is important too. So, when thinking about the idea of how to start a cloud kitchen business, it is vital to think about what would be required to start this business. In this context, the market research and investment aspect are already covered. Now, comes the basic initiation aspects like registration, licences, quality assurance, recipe patents and brand trademarks. 

These are the aspects that need to be studied and sought before trending into the cloud kitchen business plan any further. A business aspirant can hire a legal professional to figure out the same. These decisions would benefit if taken early, but after the market is studied and the investments are aligned.

With the initial legal and technical aspects covered, a business aspirant needs to look at strategy for business development.

  1. Expense management 

This is a point, business aspirants often miss out on while thinking about how to start a cloud kitchen business. With investments and credit coming into the picture, managing input costs for any business becomes essential. One can look at tools that can bring in higher production numbers, efficient labour, optimisation in terms of raw materials and more. These expense management steps can go a long way in determining the success of a business. With expenses optimised, profits can be optimised as well. Therefore, expense management is as important as credit and investment generation. 

To summarize

Business aspirants wondering how to start a cloud kitchen business can look at aspects like the current consumer market and their preferences, investment inflows and credit availability, strategy formation for initiation and growth of their business and expense management for profit optimization. Tata capital with its pre-approved business loan facility, pocket-friendly rates and easy repayment options can help realise any cloud kitchen business dream into a reality. These business loans are available with structured EMI plans that can help businesses stress less and dream more with their ideas. Thus they can give the much-needed financial push to various stages of business aspirations.

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