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Tata Capital > Blog > Home Repair Loan > Monsoon Can Harm Your House. Here’s How to Deal With its Side-Effects

Home Repair Loan

Monsoon Can Harm Your House. Here’s How to Deal With its Side-Effects

Monsoon Can Harm Your House. Here’s How to Deal With its Side-Effects

It's been a while since monsoon has hit the cities. And while you did enjoy soaking up to initial showers which gave respite from the sweltering heat, the moisture in the air may have done a lot of harm to your houses. This may include leakages and seepages that can spoil your home interiors. Hence, it is essential to take measures right away rather than rush to fix the issues later when the damage is already done.

Here’s what you need to do to protect your home when it is raining cats and dogs outside:

Waterproof the walls

Enable waterproofing of the walls, both from inside and the outside. If you stay in an area where the rains are heavy and incessant, waterproof treatment and painting are a must. Thus, it is still not too late to waterproof your walls, that will save on repair cost and hassle.

Damp-proof cupboards

Rains create dampness, which can spoil your clothes and other things kept in cupboards. Keep camphor or neem leaves in your wooden almirah to get rid of the smell. You can also leave some cloves in the folds of your clothes to keep bugs away.

Overhaul the drains

If your drainage system is blocked, it can spell trouble. Excess rainwater might clog it further and cause foul smell and backflow. To make sure that the drainage system is working fine and the drain is clean, check it every week. Clogged water may also become a breeding ground for insects, causing diseases.

Check electrical wiring

Do not leave electrical wires unattended and unguarded. Short-circuits often happen in the heavy rains, which can be very dangerous. It also causes power failure. Look for faulty wires in the house, and make sure you promptly attend to anything that needs fixing.

Fix the cracks and gaps

If you have a crack in one of your walls or on the ceiling, it’s high time to seek professional help. Every gap must be filled and sealed with waterproof mortar even in the mid-monsoon. If you have noticed any seepage or leaks in the joints of rainwater pipes or other household plumbing, do the same treatment.

Take a home renovation loan

Ensure that any leaks, or any new cracks, etc are fixed; it will help you rest easy. If you are bothered about the renovation cost affecting your budget, don’t worry. Tata Capital offers a home renovation loan that’s tailor-made for your needs.

The loan offers relaxed eligibility criteria and low-interest rates. The tenure can be as long as 30 years, and disbursal is quick. You can opt for either fixed or flexible EMIs. Such a loan can come in handy for a number of jobs, such as:

  • External renovation
  • Internal repair
  • New flooring
  • Maintenance
  • Remodelling and painting

You can take a loan amount starting from Rs 2 lakh and also avail of tax deduction up to Rs 30000 under section 24(B) of the Income Tax Act, 1961, on the interest payment.

So what are you waiting for? Make your comfy residence even more liveable with a home improvement loan from Tata Capital!