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Tata Capital > Blog > Home Repair Loan > Vastu Shastra tips for your House

Home Repair Loan

Vastu Shastra tips for your House

Vastu Shastra tips for your House

Vastu Shastra, an ancient Indian system of architecture, is widely adhered to in the country. Literally translating into ‘science of architecture’, it aims at eliminating negative energy from your home and at the same time elevating the flow of positive energy. It does so with the help of design, layout, space arrangement, directions, etc. 

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It is believed that Vastu Shastra helps sustain a happy environment in the house, boosts physical and mental health, enables financial growth, improves relationships, and much more.

If you are building a new house or doing up the interiors of your new apartment, it will be prudent to follow the ways of Vastu Shastra. 

Here are some Vastu Shastra tips that will balance the five elements of the universe - earth, water, fire, air and space - and bring positivity into your home:

Living room

  • The direction of your main entrance is extremely important. North, east or north-east are the best Vastu direction for home.
  • All electronic devices such as AC, TV, music system, etc. should ideally face south, which is the direction of fire, to enable the best energy flows into your house.
  • The main door should be clean and well-decorated to attract wealth. Ideally, keep an idol of Goddess Laxmi near the main entrance.
  • Color plays an important role too. Purple, the color of wealth, is considered among the best Vastu Shastra colors for living room. You can probably do just one wall in that color.


Vastu tips for Bedroom

  • One of the most important Vastu tips for home is for the bedroom. South is considered a calming and comforting direction, and hence it is important to place your head in that direction when you sleep.
  • No mirrors should face the bed, as a sleeping person’s reflection drains energy and causes illnesses.
  • To bring prosperity, keep your cash locker close to the southern wall of your bedroom.
  • Keep the bedroom clutter-free to let in the flow of light and air.


  • The best direction for the kitchen is the south-west or north-west corner of the house, with the stove facing south. 
  • The kitchen should be as far away from the bedroom as possible.

Prayer room

  • The prayer room drives the positive vibes in the whole house. The most auspicious direction is the north-east corner of the house. Alternatively, the east or west side of the house works too.
  • Place Lord Hanuman’s idol in your prayer room to ensure all members are healthy as he is the protector of health. 

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More Vastu Shastra tips for home

  • Keep minimalist furniture in the center of your home to ensure a free flow of energy throughout the house.
  • Place family pictures in the north-east part of your house to bring happiness and harmony into your lives.

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Remodeling your house is an expensive exercise. While planning the right Vastu Shastra in your home during a renovation, apply for a home renovation loan. Tata Capital provides loans that are easy to get and require minimal paperwork. You can easily check your home renovation loan eligibility online, apply for it, and once approved, get the funds in a couple of days.

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