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Tata Capital > Blog > Home Repair Loan > Top 5 Energy Efficient Home Design Tips for Renovation

Home Repair Loan

Top 5 Energy Efficient Home Design Tips for Renovation

Top 5 Energy Efficient Home Design Tips for Renovation

Did you know that energy-efficient homes can save up to 40% of energy? Why, yes! Designed to use less energy for the same performance and comfort, smart homes are a fast-growing trend. If you plan on remodelling your existing home into an environment-friendly one, here are the top five energy efficient home design tips. 

Home insulation

Proper insulation is crucial to maintain your home’s temperature. Check the insulation and fittings of your windows and doors. An improper fitting that leaves gaps is easy to fix. However, if left unattended, leaking air can add up to 20% to your energy consumption. If you plan to replace your windows, look for different window and door materials and fittings or consult your contractor.

Light fixtures

Light fixtures are significant contributors to energy consumption. Whether installing new light fixtures or replacing old bulbs, consider CFL or LED alternatives to light up your energy efficient homes. They have a longer life and radiate less heat. If you are conducting any major renovations to your roof, consider installing a skylight. They offer natural sunlight to brighten your homes. However, refer to your home’s structural plans for feasibility before installation.

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Energy efficient appliances

Nowadays, various homeowners rely on intelligent appliances that require fewer energy units to function. Be it a refrigerator, a heater, an air conditioner, or any other device, equipping your home with high-efficiency electronics and appliances can create a positive change for the environment and reduce your energy bills.

Water conservation

There are many ways to reduce your water consumption. Consider repairing or replacing leaky or clogged faucets and showerheads. Replace your single flush toilets with a dual flush that cuts down their water usage by nearly 50%. You can also install a rainwater tank or smart watering systems for your gardens.

You may consider a home renovation loan for major renovation projects. These changes might seem expensive, but they are an investment reducing your energy consumption and electricity bills.

Go Solar

Solar panels are an environment-friendly option to provide energy for your homes. They require minimum maintenance and reduce harmful greenhouse gases. They are also a one-time investment that can power your entire home, including appliances, light bulbs, air conditioners, water heaters, etc.


There are numerous ways to make your home energy efficient. Whether it is minor changes like changing your leaking tap or major renovations like installing a solar panel, each effort will combat climate change and reduce your long-term utility expenses.

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