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Tata Capital > Blog > Home Repair Loan > A Home Repair Loan to the Rescue of your Home

Home Repair Loan

A Home Repair Loan to the Rescue of your Home

A Home Repair Loan to the Rescue of your Home

Many people face the problem of funding the high cost of repair of the existing houses. If you have been living in your old house for last several years, at times you would have noticed that the house needs some repairs here and there.

But over time, the parts that need repair keep increasing and a day finally comes, when you can no longer ignore carrying out the all repairs in one go. And since its more cost effective to do everything at once, you might be interested in getting the full repair work done at one go. It is also possible that given the change in family size, you would want to make big renovations to upgrade the house.

In either cases, it will require a lot of money. To repair all the defects in one go and for carrying out renovations.

Now you are facing a dilemma here. You have saved up some money that can be used for carrying out these repairs. But you don’t want to use up all the money at one go. After all, that money is being saved for other purposes like retirement, children’s education, etc. So what should you do about it?

The answer is very simple. You should consider taking a home repair loan.

Lenders these days are more than willing to fund you for not only house purchases but also for home repairs.

Interest rates offered are very affordable. Though the final rate offered would depend on factors like the financial profile of the borrower, the loan amount, lender’s policies, repayment period, etc. Under normal circumstances, lenders are willing to give a loan equal to about 80% of the actual amount required for repair of the house.

So if you have been postponing your decision to repair your house till now, then don’t postpone it any further. Just approach lenders like Tata Capital and apply for home repair loans today.