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Tata Capital > Blog > Home Repair Loan > Give Your Kitchen a Makeover in 2022 with Tata Capital Home Renovation Loan

Home Repair Loan

Give Your Kitchen a Makeover in 2022 with Tata Capital Home Renovation Loan

Give Your Kitchen a Makeover in 2022 with Tata Capital Home Renovation Loan

Are you planning to remodel your kitchen this year? If yes, then don't compromise on the quality of the renovation. Instead, apply for a home renovation loan for kitchen with Tata Capital.

After sorting out your finances, decide on the items that require a change. If you can’t decide, allow us to give you four kitchen makeover tips that are hot in 2022.

1. Try warm lighting

Correct lighting can alter the aura of a room, even if it’s a utility-driven space like your kitchen. So, invest in sleek and modern lighting fixtures such as Edison bulbs that hang from your ceiling. You can also include individual cabinet lighting with a tiny chandelier in the middle of the ceiling.

If you want to keep things strictly modern, ditch the chandelier and replace it with spot lamps. Regardless of the fixtures you choose, the LED bulb in them can be warm white or golden yellow.

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2. Go for a false ceiling

One of the most effective ways to renovate your kitchen is installing a false ceiling. The minute you opt for this change, fitting sleek light fixtures and lamps becomes quick and easy. What’s more, a false ceiling in the kitchen increases the overall appeal of the space, keeps the room cool in peak summer, reduces noises, and hides aesthetically unappealing elements like wires, nails, holes, etc.

No wonder false ceilings are incredibly popular and one of the leading reasons people remodel kitchens with renovation loans. Even though these ceilings cost a bit, they are worth every penny paid.

3. Switch to wooden cabinets

In 2022, wooden kitchen cabinets are all the rage, as they should be. For starters, they look classy, don’t cost too much and are durable. Wondering how wood can match these three criteria? Through wooden laminates!

What’s more, you can choose a variety of laminate finishes such as cherry wood, mahogany, and rosewood– basically anything that catches your fancy. Although, try opting for medium or light coloured wooden laminates to make the space seem bigger and brighter.

Upgrading all your kitchen cabinets can cost a bit. Use a small personal loan for remodelling to finance your renovation. 

4. Pick a complementary colour scheme

Your kitchen walls must match your cabinets and countertops. Since wooden-laminate cabinets don’t go with bright colours, paint your walls in shades of white or beige.

Doing this will allow your furniture and fixtures to stand out. You can also opt for an exposed brick wall, which must be painted white. This texture will lend a rustic appeal to your kitchen.

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Parting thoughts

All the tips listed above add oodles of charm to your kitchen without compromising on functionality. If anything, they make the kitchen more usable.

Want to renovate with home remodelling loan? Partner with Tata Capital to avail finance at affordable personal loan interest rates, flexible repayment tenures, minimal paperwork, and speedy processing.

So, what are you waiting for? Visit our website to calculate your potential EMIs using our EMI calculator, read our relaxed personal loan eligibility criteria, and start your online application today!

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