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Tata Capital > Blog > Generic > Click, Shop, Save: Finding the Best Credit Card for Online Shopping


Click, Shop, Save: Finding the Best Credit Card for Online Shopping

Click, Shop, Save: Finding the Best Credit Card for Online Shopping

The gross merchandise value (GMV) of India's e-tailers touched a staggering US$ 60 billion in FY2023. This means the digital age has transformed how we find and shop for products. The allure of online shopping is undeniable. From the comfort of our homes, we can explore global markets, discover unique products, and indulge in retail therapy.

However, navigating the e-commerce world raises the question of efficiency and secure payments. As online shopping surges, the importance of having the best credit card for online shopping cannot be overstated. In this blog post, we discuss the benefits of using credit cards for online shopping and dive into selecting the best credit card for all your online shopping needs.

Why use a credit card for online shopping?

When it comes to paying for your online purchases, there are many options to choose from. Each method offers a unique convenience, from digital wallets and UPI to net banking and cash-on-delivery. Amidst these diverse choices, credit cards have consistently emerged as a favoured choice for many e-shoppers. Here's why you should consider using a credit card for online shopping.

1. Enhanced security

Credit cards offer superior protection against fraud. If your card details are compromised, you can report it, and the card company will investigate, ensuring you aren't charged for unauthorised transactions.

2. Rewards and cashback

Many credit cards offer rewards points or cashback on online purchases. These rewards can be redeemed for travel, gift cards, or direct cashback.

3. Convenience

Credit cards are widely accepted, making them a convenient payment option. They also offer the advantage of a grace period, allowing you to pay after a certain period, unlike immediate debit card or cash transactions.

4. Building credit history

Regular and responsible use of credit cards can help build a positive credit history, which can benefit future financial endeavours.

5. Special Offers

Many e-commerce platforms collaborate with credit card companies to provide exclusive online shopping credit card offers, giving cardholders additional discounts or benefits.

6. Insurance and Protection

Some credit cards come with built-in insurance, covering potential issues like product damage or travel insurance for items bought using the card5.

How to find the best credit card for online shopping?

1. Understand Your Spending Habits

Before diving into the world of credit cards, it's crucial to introspect and understand your spending patterns. If your online shopping carts are frequently brimming, it's wise to opt for cards that specifically cater to online transactions and offer thebest credit card for online transaction rewards.

2. Rewards and Bonuses

The allure of rewards and bonuses can't be ignored. Many credit cards provide lucrative rewards points or cashback on online purchases. Some even roll out enticing one-time bonuses for new cardholders.

3. Interest Rates

The annual percentage rate (APR) represents the yearly interest you'll be charged for borrowing money through your credit card. It's an essential metric to consider when searching for thebest credit card for online shopping.

While many credit cards entice users with lucrative rewards, cashback, and bonuses, a high APR can quickly negate these benefits. For instance, if you earn a 5% cashback on purchases but have an APR of 20%, carrying a balance for just a few months could easily offset any rewards earned.

Just as you'd compare prices when shopping online, it's vital to compare APRs when choosing a credit card. Select a credit card with low APR for a stress-free online shopping experience.

4. Annual Fees

When hunting for the best credit card for online shopping, the annual fee is a factor that can't be overlooked. This fee is the cost of owning the card and accessing its features. While some cards might lure you with a zero annual fee for the initial year, they could impose significant charges in the following years.

For avid online shoppers, a card with exclusive online shopping credit card offers might justify a higher annual fee. However, occasional shoppers benefit more from a card with minimal or no annual fees. Always ensure the perks and rewards you gain from the card outweigh its yearly cost.

5. Security Features

In an age where cyber threats loom large, the security of your transactions is paramount. Opt for cards that boast robust security features. Features like encryption and the presence of the Europay MasterCard and Visa (EMV) chip, which curbs malpractices like cloning, are essential.

6. Conversion of Purchases into EMIs

One of the standout features of many modern credit cards is the ability to convert substantial purchases into easy monthly instalments (EMIs). This offers you financial flexibility, purchasing power and the opportunity to manage your monthly expenses better. In your search for the best credit card for online purchases, look for a card that offers an EMI conversion feature at competitive interest rates.

7. Additional Benefits

Beyond the standard features, some cards offer perks like extended warranties, price protection, or even travel benefits. For instance, the best cards for online shopping provide price protection, reimbursing you the difference if a product you purchased is later available at a lower price.

Click, Shop, and Save with Tata Capital Cards

Online shopping, with its vast array of choices and convenience, has revolutionised our purchasing habits. Credit cards are a powerful ally that ensures secure transactions with many benefits that upgrade our online shopping journey. However, to unlock an exceptional experience, finding the best credit card for online shopping is imperative.

Your search for the best credit card ends with Tata Capital. Tata Capital credit cards are the ideal online shopping companion. Tailored for the discerning online shopper, Tata Capital cards offer a blend of unmatched security, rewarding shopping experiences, and global acceptance. The reward program ensures that every purchase becomes an opportunity to earn and redeem points for benefits like airport lounge access, premium dining experiences, and exclusive event invitations.

Ready to elevate your online shopping experience? Apply for a Tata Capital Credit Card today and dive into a world of privileges.

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