If you’ve had any qualms about e-commerce purchasing or payment modes, you should put them to rest right now. Believe it or not, e-commerce sales are slated to reach 7.4 trillion dollars by 2025! Of course, this rides on the back of a smooth online shopping and checkout experience.

A poor checkout experience may result in a reduced return rate of customers to your website, the ultimate detractor to your sales targets. Naturally, you want to pay more attention to it. But how do you, as an e-commerce business owner, can address this issue? More importantly, how do you facilitate a user-friendly online transaction experience? Well, we’re here to distil it down for you. Here are six tips to help you make your digital transaction experience more convenient. Let’s begin.

1. Offer payment methods flexibility

Customers prefer a variety of payment options at the checkout. But if you cannot make all the payment modes available, conduct a thorough target audience analysis based on payment methods they majorly use and offer options accordingly. Most customers use the following modes for  digital transactions-  direct bank transfers, credit/debit card payments, mobile wallets, and QR codes, and for making payments.

Not only does this provides your customers with a hassle-free checkout experience, but it also increases customer satisfaction, prompting them to return to your website.

2. Don’t ask to create an account for the purchase

Humans hate extra work. And creating an account for digital payments is exactly that.  Simply put, the often used sign-ups before a purchase is a sure-fire way to lower customer satisfaction.

Avoid this by allowing a first-time user to directly buy and proceed to checkout without having to create an account, enter unnecessary contact information, etc. This alone reduces unnecessary process delays and offers customers a convenient buying experience. The cherry on top? It reduces the time spent on completing an online transaction as well.

Even better if you can link your website with a digital transaction app! This way, you don’t have to force your customers to enter their personal information since the app provides you with the relevant customer details every time they make a payment.

3. Avoid redirects

Redirection to a third-party payment website impacts your business in multiple ways. Redirecting customers to another site after they make a purchase may confuse them, prompting purchase cancellation. It further leads to a loss of trust in your brand. Furthermore, you strive hard to bring that customer to your site, and sending them away for payment may turn them off permanently. So, minimize the web redirects. And if you can do so securely, even better!

4. Only ask for essential information

You could offer your customers a convenient shopping experience. But a twisted payment with extended forms could negate all that. It not only wastes their valuable time but also forces them to turn to another shopping website. So, keep the questions to a minimum and ask them to fill in relevant information like name, contact number, email address, etc. This will help simplify the checkout process.

5. Have a secure website

Digital transactions may be booming, but online scams and cybercrime are on the rise too. Naturally, customers prefer high-end security when shopping online. So how do you go about it? Simple, by implementing an SSL (Secure Socket Layer) certificate on your website. This offers customers’ a secured connection and encrypts their confidential information like personal details, credit card details, etc., reducing the instances of identity theft and phishing dramatically.

Remember that if you have a secure website, customers are more likely to shop online, resulting in increased sales and value for your business.

6. Make form corrections easier

Users make mistakes while filling up forms more often than you think. So if you do have a form in your website’s digital payment process, make sure it is easy to fill and correct. Make your error messages easy to read and locate. And while you’re at it, make sure your website allows saving the details entered before the error occurs. This way, in case of an untoward error, customers don’t have to refill forms again, meaning they save time and experience a hassle-free checkout.

Over to you

In a competitive market, offering a user-friendly checkout experience is mandatory. And the above tips certainly make it easier. However, if you want to take your customer’s digital transaction experience up a notch, make sure you integrate a digital transactions app into your payment process. This will not only create value for your brand but also increase your ROI too.

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