Congratulations on receiving an acceptance letter from your dream university! Now, to finance your tuition fee, living costs, and other expenses, you can consider opting for education finance. It is a ray of hope for students who aspire to study in premier institutes and are looking to manage their educational expenses.  

Loans for education come with a pretty simple application process. First things first, you must write a letter to the lender requesting them to sanction your loan. Read on to understand how to write an education loan application letter.

Sample letter for education finance

After you have selected a lender, you must write a loan application letter to them explaining your academic and financial situation. You must talk about the degree you wish to pursue and the institute you have been accepted in. Furthermore, you must present your academic records, entrance/foreign exam scorecard, acceptance letter, and other relevant documents to make a convincing case for why you deserve the opportunity.

Besides, assure the lender that you will complete your studies and fetch a good job. Here’s a sample letter to make things clear for you.

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The Bank Manager

ABC Bank

XYZ Branch







Date: XX/X/20XX

Subject: Application for the education loan


I am writing this letter to apply for a student loan to pursue higher education in English Literature. I recently completed my Bachelor’s in English Literature from the University of Delhi with a 9.7 CGPA. Besides, I scored 85% marks in the All India Senior School Certificate Examination (AISSCE) with a Science background.

I applied to the University of Pennsylvania for a full-time Master’s degree in English and have been selected for the programme. The total hostel fee, cost of education accessories, tuition fee, and boarding expenses in the United States is approximately Rs. 20 lakhs.

Due to my humble family background, I’m unable to afford the cost and require financial assistance. I request you to grant me a personal loan for higher education at this prestigious university. I will repay the loan amount on time.

I have attached my academic records, credentials, acceptance letter and other relevant documents with the letter. I am looking forward to your response.

Thank you.

Yours sincerely,


After formally putting your request forward with a student loan application letter, you must wait for the lender to approve and sanction your loan.

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