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Tata Capital > Blog > Capital Goods Loan > What Are The Products Available on Consumer Durable Loan?

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What Are The Products Available on Consumer Durable Loan?

What Are The Products Available on Consumer Durable Loan?

Looking to upgrade your gadgets but short on funds? Or need immediate cash to bring home that new refrigerator you’ve had your eyes on? Then consumer durable finance is your go-to solution. Easy to avail, these small loans can help you buy any household goods or item right away and conveniently pay back the borrowed sum over a fixed tenure. 

Read on to know about this loan and the products covered under it.

What is a consumer durable loan?

Consumer durable loans are a type of personal loans that are typically used to purchase household goods and personal gadgets. However, unlike personal loans, they have a shorter loan repayment tenure. Besides, you can avail a consumer durable loan at lower interest rates if not zero. This makes owning everyday items a lot more accessible.

Now, let’s look at the list of products you can buy using this loan.

What are the products available on consumer durable loans?

1. Electronic gadgets

Whether it’s for work or entertainment, electronic gadgets have become a necessity like no others; television, smartphone, laptop, tablets, webcams, you name it.

But in times where technology is constantly upgrading, how do you keep up with the upgrades quickly? Especially since electronic devices are usually expensive. But with the help of these loans, you can get yourself any gadget without having to dip into your savings.

2. Air conditioner

As the summer season progresses and temperatures soar across the country, air conditioners have become vital to keep cool. If you’ve been meaning to beat the harsh summer heat with a brand-new air conditioner or replace the existing one with a better product, go ahead and shop worry-free with the help of these loans. 

3. Kitchen and other appliances

All home appliances like washing machines and kitchen essentials like refrigerators, microwave ovens, dishwashers, etc., are considered consumer durables. So, ease your chores by bringing home these electronic helpers with a competitive loan offer. 

4. Inverters and Generators

We cannot risk even a short power cut. After all, electronic appliances and gadgets need electricity to function properly. 

As you work from home, even minor interruptions can cause huge inconvenience. With so much depending on electricity, we need to have a backup. Luckily, you can afford inverters and generators with the assistance of consumer durable finance.

5. Smartphones

Who knew something as small as the palm of your hand could cost lakhs? Whether you need the latest iPhone or the next in the Samsung Galaxy series, you can take a loan to cover the cost. Besides, if you have a good credit score, you may even get a loan at 0% interest rate. 

Final Word

We all aspire for a better lifestyle. But most of the products we desire are expensive.

But worry not! Make your shopping list affordable right away by applying for a loan with Tata Capital. Enjoy no-cost EMIs on most products, minimal documentation, and quick disbursals among other benefits. Check out our eligibility criteria here. 

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