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Tata Capital > Blog > Capital Goods Loan > Top Home Appliances To Watch Out For This Winter

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Top Home Appliances To Watch Out For This Winter

Top Home Appliances To Watch Out For This Winter

Come winter and everyone looks to bundle up in a warm and cosy home. Not to worry, as many home appliances and kitchen appliances will serve the purpose. Invest in the right electronic appliance and you can stay warm all through the winter. At the same time, a microwave or an OTG can rustle up hot and tasty delicacies for everyone at home.

Here is a home appliances list that can help one enjoy the best time during this winter season while at home.

How To Pick The Perfect Home Appliance For You

A well-researched decision on selecting an electronic home appliance to meet one's needs can ensure optimum spending while allowing one to save money for other expenses. Below are a few considerations that one may keep in mind before planning any major purchase of home appliances required during the winter season:

  • List all the requirements

Make a note of all the amenities or electronic home appliance features one may need during winter. This will help select the right product and save money on unwanted product features or functions. Doing this right before visiting an electronic home appliance store or making an online purchase will ensure one gets an electronic appliance that best fits one's requirements while providing cost-saving alternatives.

  • Look for the Discount Sale Offers

Normally, before the start of the winter season, most retailers come up with seasonal sale offers for home appliances. They advertise them through various media alternatives like print media (newspapers), television and radio as well as different social media platforms. This helps to compare the different options available and select the best kitchen appliance based on a comparison of various alternative product features, prices, discounts and other specifications like warranty period, EMI options, and after-sales service. The advantage of a seasonal sale is the substantial discount offers available, which can help save money in comparison to a normal purchase done without the seasonal sale offer.

  • Compare at multiple Stores

If one opts to visit a home appliance store physically instead of buying online, one must visit several stores. This will ensure the quality of the kitchen appliance is good and one will be able to understand its capabilities and limits. Technicians or product sales personnel at the stores are immensely helpful. They can explain the delivery process, after-sales services, warranties and payment options available including EMI schemes if any. Only when a buyer has all the relevant details should they conduct a final purchase from the store offering the best price.

List of Home Appliances Useful for Winters

Here's a home appliances list that will be handy for the cold winters:

1. Water Heater/Geyser

The most refreshing thing to do in winter is to have a hot shower! There are different options available depending on the consumer's preference for an electric, solar, or a gas- based water heater.

AO Smith offers a wide range of water heaters with various options including gas, electric, tankless, hybrid or solar. AO Smith SDS-GREEN SERIES-015 Storage 15-litre Vertical Water Heater (Geyser) White 5-Star has smart features like a temperature control knob, superior heating, a durable tank, and energy savings i.e. it is a "Green Geyser". The MRP for AO Smith SDS-GREEN SERIES-015 is Rs.14,300 including GST.

Also, AO Smith has a Vertex water heater with a lower manufacturing cost that cuts down the energy bills of consumers. It has 2 variants: a 50-gallon power-direct vent model and a 75-gallon power-direct vent model, both of which have good thermal efficiency and can be installed easily. The MRP for a Vertex water heater is Rs. 25,950.00 including GST.

2. Microwave

No one likes working in a cold kitchen, and unlike stove tops that take time to cook food, microwaves can heat soups, daal and other ready-to-eat food items in no time. Also, many in-built features like auto sensors automatically set the cooking timings based on the type of food. Some microwaves also offer other features like the keep warm function, child locks, defrosting, and multi-stage cooking. There are also oven and grill combination options available in many kitchen appliances. Some of the variants may offer features like low energy consumption.

The IFB 20-Litre Solo Microwave Oven is one of the best options to invest in electric kitchen appliances. It offers the comfort of both grill and microwave options to prepare food. Furthermore, its power settings adjust with the moisture levels in your food, thus avoiding overcooking common to stovetops. The MRP for an IFB 20-Litre Solo Microwave Oven is Rs. 7,190 including GST.

3. Rice Cookers

Rice cookers can come to the rescue for making many winter special fast food items like idlis, soups, stews, etc. Rice cookers come as an alternative low-budget option in place of microwaves with limited usage.

Consider investing in the Panasonic Electric Rice Cooker to make winters more pleasant. It has an in-built thermostat for precision control and comes with a stainless steel lid to speed up the cooking process. It also has a power-saving feature that allows the electronic appliance to automatically switch off after the dish is ready to eat which helps to save on electric power usage. The MRP for a Panasonic 1.8 litres Electric Rice Cooker, SR-WA18 (GE9) is Rs.3,395.

4. Dishwashers

Cleaning and washing dishes and vessels in cold water during winter may be unpleasant for many. This is where automatic dishwashers come in handy and offer features like automated wash programs and energy savings. The dishwashers are also available in different sizes to suit the requirement of different kinds of consumers.

Bosch-made dishwashers are the best option for electric kitchen appliances. This electronic appliance has features like advanced wash cycles and other alternatives, making it the best to clean the dirtiest cooking utensils with non-erasable stains. The MRP for a Bosch 13 Place Settings Free Standing Dishwasher with DosageAssist, ExtraDry & EcoSilence Drive (SMS66GW01I, White) is Rs. 52,990 including GST.

Godrej Eon Dishwashers come with steam wash technology which is tough on stubborn food stains while being gentle on your dishes. It is ideal for Indian greasy cooking and it can hold as many as 91 utensils and cutlery at a time, including large pressure cookers, tawas, kadhais, and pans. Features like high temperature with direct steam application ensure greater hygiene and safety. The MRP for a Godrej Eon Dishwasher, 8-Place Setting Counter-Top, Compact with an In-built heater is Rs. 27,490 including GST.


With this home appliances list required for the winter season, consumers are fully equipped to go out and purchase home appliances for the winter. It is not worth waiting till the end of the sale offer period as the stocks may not last long given the discount offers. Tata Capital offers consumer loans with a quick approval process and minimum documentation. It also has multiple EMI repayment options available. Apply now to receive competitive interest rates!

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