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Top 10 New features of the all new

Top 10 New features of the all new

At the recently concluded Apple Worldwide Developers Conference, there were a lot of firsts. However, the most exciting announcement was of course, that of the Apple iOS 14, to be released for iPhones sometime later this year.

Whether you are an Apple iPhone user or not, you will find these new developments very interesting.

Here’s a lowdown of the top 10 new iOS features.

1. App Library

Finally, your iPhone screen is about to change. You can now remove your apps and even remove an entire screen. One swipe on your home screen and you can access your App Library. The Library will automatically place your apps in folders, and you can find them from a search box. This is a good decluttering exercise for your home screen.

2. New widgets

Apple has completely redone its widget experience with the Apple iOS 14. The brand new widgets will have greater information and will come in updated size. You can drag them off your Today screen and place them on your home screen. The ‘Smart Stack’ widget will help you browse through common widgets.

3. The all-new Siri

Siri will no more take over your entire screen. Yes, you read that right. There will simply be a Siri blob on your screen, and most results will appear in the form of rich notifications on the top. There are a lot more Siri updates, which you can read about in detail separately.

If you have always preferred Siri over any other mobile assistant and an Apple iPhone over any other brand, it is the perfect time to gift yourself one. With a mobile on EMI tool, it will be much easier than it feels.

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4. Picture-in-picture

The PIP used to be an iPad-only feature and Apple iPhone users have been long awaiting this feature on their phone screens. When you watch a video- even when you are on a FaceTime call- it’s now easy to swipe and go back to your home screen, while the video keeps playing in a tiny box.

iOS 14 4 Picture-in-picture feature

5. App Clips

There is a huge overhaul happening in the form of App Clips. You can now use small and specific parts of an app without actually downloading the entire app. The experience will be under 10MBs. You can launch an App Clip through the web, or Maps, NFC tags, Messages, OR codes. There is also an ‘App Clip Code’ in the works.

6. Messages updates

Messages are getting some big updates across Apple iPhone, iPad, and Mac. It is now possible to pin nine conversations and stack them on top of Messages. Group conversations also have an update. You can now view images of people, give a name to a group, and reply in-line. Mentions have also been enabled.

7. Memojis

There are no big radical changes that the Apple iOS 14 has made in terms of Memojis. But, there are a whole lot of new options for expressing yourself in many more creative ways. There are an exciting 7 new hairstyles for you to play with, along with a total of 16 new headwear pieces. That’s not it. There are also 3 new stickers, plus face coverings, plus an expansion in the age range.

8. Maps

Maps have an exciting new cycling feature, which is sensitive to elevation shifts, bike lanes, even stairs. It will display locations of speed cameras, apart from directing you through congested zones. There is also a new Guides feature which lets you look for places you can visit in cities. Apple is also reportedly working on improving this experience with hotels, restaurants, cafes, and other details which Google Maps offers.

9. Translate

Translate is basically an iOS version of Google Translate. All you have to do is pick 2 different languages, press the mic button, and it will detect your voice, provide voice and text translation. You can use this app offline as well.

10. Safari

Safari has become quicker, better, and more sophisticated. You can now view privacy reports of websites, and help Apple monitor your saved passwords for detecting if you are involved in data breaches. It can translate complete webpages on its own. All you need to do is tap on the translation icon.

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The official release dates for Apple iOS 14 are not known yet. But you can surely begin planning for your new iPhone already, with easy consumer durable finance plans. One great option that can help you plan your purchase  is the Consumer Durable Loan from Tata Capital, which provides a flexible tenure and easy approval process.

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