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Tata Capital > Blog > Capital Goods Loan > The Major Tech Highlights from CES 2023

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The Major Tech Highlights from CES 2023

The Major Tech Highlights from CES 2023

The Consumer Electronics Show, with all its grandeur entered its 53rd edition this year. As one of the most influential tech events conducted in the world, this year saw some major highlights as well. As technology keeps reinventing itself, the potential for products to be exceptional comes with ease. With everything that’s in store, let us now see the major tech highlights from CES 2023.

Top Models Showcased at CES 2023

1. Foldable Display Model by Samsung

The flex hybrid display is one of the most stunning showcases this year. It cannot only fold, allowing flexibility but also bend. The innovation that comes with such a feature is timeless and as the future of these laptops becomes more and more sophisticated, consumer viewing will see magnificent experiences in the future.

2. Interactive Robot Dogs

The power of AI is once again tested with numerous technologies. One of the features of this tech event is certainly the use of making this technology more adaptable to humans. Wowwee, a toy maker has taken things to the next step by introducing a robot dog suited for ages above 6. While it's still in its infancy, the features that it shows have the potential to disrupt the existing toy market.

Capable of emulating a real dog, the robot dog barks, licks, growls, and can even respond to touch. With sensors all on it, the dog brings the feeling of a real experience by enacting similar responses during play. 

One of the major features that this company does is to make every robot dog unique. To think that this dog can be replicated uniquely showcases the wide extent of the consumer electronics show’s potential.

3. Metaverse Showcasing

CES 2023 saw a lot of breakthroughs in the metaverse. With AR/VR showing further improvements, the use of these technologies is sweeping into everyday life. One of those is the mixed reality headset from HTC. The Vive XR Elite is a revolution in this step. Weighing just 635 grams with a battery and about 300 without, its size and feel are unmatched in terms of its competitors.

With 30 patches of electrical contract loaded in this device, it amplifies virtual reality by a mega fold. For a small device to pack so much, shows how much the coming years will be.

4. Solar-Powered cars

As the world adapts to electric cars today, more and more consumers are making the shift to the EV model. While electric cars need charging from time to time, there’s a company that’s planning to change this method.

Lightyear is one company that is focusing on using solar energy to charge its electric fleet. Its car, the Lightyear 2 is promising as it boasts a high range of 500 miles for long journeys and virtually unlimited mileage for short trips.  

Pre-orders have already started pouring in for Lightyear 2, making it yet another spectacle of this year’s consumer electronics show.

5. Flying Cars

The future is finally here! A company, Aska unveiled its flying car concept at CES 2023 this year. The car looks like a cross-over between a helicopter and a flight; it is modeled as an SUV which is capable of both driving on road as well as flying in the air. With costs of around $789000, the A5 has opened pre-orders for its car. 

Expected to be on road by 2026, Aska hopes to start it as a ride-sharing service. 

CES 2023 stealing the show

With more than 100,000 people turning up at CES 2023, the event saw phenomenal success. The range of products showcased sets up the stage for higher potential the next year and gives consumers excitement when these products release. While you may wait for the same, you can rely on Tata Capital to purchase them once it’s out allowing you to have fun without waiting. 

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