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Tata Capital > Blog > Capital Goods Loan > Robot Vacuum Cleaners Under 27000 – 30000 / Ultimate Buyers Guide for Robot Vacuum Cleaners in India

Capital Goods Loan

Robot Vacuum Cleaners Under 27000 – 30000 / Ultimate Buyers Guide for Robot Vacuum Cleaners in India

Robot Vacuum Cleaners Under 27000 – 30000 / Ultimate Buyers Guide for Robot Vacuum Cleaners in India

With the advancements in technology, a lot of new gadgets like robot home vacuum cleaners are coming into the market. If you have just moved into a new house, if you are a parent with small kids and pets, or if you simply need to clean up your carpet more frequently, then a robotic home vacuum cleaner might be the thing for you. If you are looking for the best vacuum cleaner for a home in India, here is a list of the best robot vacuum cleaners in India in the price range of Rs. 27000 to Rs. 30000.

Vacuum robot - What is it?

A robot vacuum cleaner, often known as a ‘Roomba’ or a ‘robovac’ as a generalised term, is an automated mechanical home vacuum cleaner machine with restricted vacuum floor cleaning technology, sensors, robotic motors, configurable controllers, as well as cleaning schedules. Early concepts incorporated remote control management with a self-drive option, allowing the device to clean automatically.

Some designs employ rotating brushes to reach small corners, while others have a variety of cleaning capabilities in addition to the vacuuming capability like UV sterilisation, mopping, etc. Recent versions employ artificial intelligence with deep learning to improve mapping, object recognition, and even event-based cleaning features. If you are looking for the best robot vacuum cleaner in India, you should consider getting the new models as they offer more features.

How do robotic vacuum cleaners work, and why it’s important?

Robotic vacuum cleaners use obstacle and cliff sensors to manoeuvre themselves across environments. Obstacle sensors are often found on the robot vacuum cleaner bumper to avoid collision with objects like people, furniture, toys, and anything else in the roomba's route. When the obstacle detectors are activated, robot floor cleaners guide themselves away from obstructions. They are configured to spin and advance until the gadget detects a clear passage. The location of the bumper determines the direction of the home vacuum cleaner.

If you are still confused about purchasing a home vacuum cleaner, here are some pointers to help you decide.

1. Automatic operation

Owning a robotic cleaner in your home implies that you will never have to bother about devoting time to cleaning. These machines can be programmed to perform their laps while you are away. If your cleaning schedule is consistent, simply schedule the job to be completed while at work.

2. Easy recharging

After each cleaning session, the robotic floor cleaner glides back to its docking port to recharge. One never needs to bother about low batteries if the charging port is connected. If the robot floor cleaner detects a low battery, most models will cease cleaning and revert to the port.

3. Flexible cleaning

Do you realise how you constantly alter the settings on your ordinary vacuum cleaner as you travel from one room to another, meeting hard flooring, low pile carpets, or thicker carpets? Robot floor cleaners with their detectors that sense variations in flooring are built to manage this on the go. You could let them roam around your house, and they can easily tolerate changes in the surface.

4. Customisable routing

If you're concerned about your robot vacuum cleaner falling down the steps or hitting your delicate floor vases, you may instruct the Roomba on areas in the house that are off-limits. Create a virtual barrier in the roomba's programming function to do so. This will operate as a barrier that the machine will not cross.

5. Advanced cleaning

The home vacuum cleaner machines feature built-in sensors that recognise which parts of your home require more attention and perform additional passes over the surface. Heavy traffic areas such as hallways, entrances, mudrooms, as well as playrooms will receive the necessary care they require to stay tidy.

6. Complete control

Robot floor cleaners have evolved. Most of them may now link up with your house Wi-Fi and interact with your tablet or smartphone. You may operate the robot floor cleaner directly from your mobile for a customised vacuuming experience.

7. Easy to use

Even lightweight contemporary vacuum cleaners might be difficult to use for someone recuperating from an injury or coping with a handicap. You've undoubtedly realised that cleaning is a lot more of an exercise than you would think. These automatic vacuum cleaners are completely self-contained and require no pushing, tugging, or reaching on your part. They are also beneficial to the aged.

What is the feasible entry price for a robotic vacuum cleaner in India?

Automatic vacuum cleaners are now popular in the market and have rapidly become a consumer favourite. The creators of these vacuum cleaners have made these devices as user-friendly as possible. Users can easily get them online and choose from a variety of products available in the market. Today, there are various models of robotic vacuums available in the market.

However, in most situations, the higher-end versions with high vacuum cleaner prices are only intended for use in workplaces like offices or hospitals. A range of vacuum cleaner prices between Rs. 27,000 and Rs. 30,000 is adequate for purchasing a quality Roomba for your house.

List of robot vacuum cleaner brands under 30000

To help with your search for the best vacuum cleaner for a home in India, here is a list of the best robot vacuum cleaner in India under Rs. 30,000:

1. Xiaomi Robotic Vacuum-Mop 2Pro

Price: Rs. 29,999

Dimensions‎35.3 x 35.3 x 9.7 cm
Weight3.5 kg
Control methodVoice
Battery Life120 minutes
Control TypeGoogle Assistant, iOS, Amazon Alexa, Andriod, Xiaomi Home App

2. Pure Clean Smart Robot Vacuum

Price: Rs. 29,307

Dimensions30 x 30 x 8 cm
Weight2.7 kg
Control methodTouch, remote
Battery Life60 to 90 minutes
Control TypeButton control

3. ILIFE A11 Dry & Wet LiDar Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

Price: Rs. 29,900

Dimensions35 x 35 x 9.5 cm
Weight3.5 kg
Control methodApp
Battery Life120 to 140 minutes
Control TypeApp control

4. iRobot® Roomba® i3152 Connected Mapping Robot Vacuum

Price: Rs. 24,900

Dimensions34 x 34 x 9 cm
Weight3.1 kg
Control methodVoice
Battery Life75 minutes
Control TypeApp control

5. MI Robot Vacuum-Mop P

Price: Rs. 28,969

Dimensions35 x 9.45 x 35 cm
Weight3.6 kg
Control methodApp
Battery Life130 minutes
Control TypeApp control

6. DEALDIG Robvacuum 8 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Price: Rs. 28,999

Dimensions49.7 x 40.3 x 13.8 cm
Weight4.9 kg
Control methodRemote
Battery Life120 minutes
Control TypeRemote control


If you are looking to buy the best vacuum cleaner for a home in India, one of the listed products above might be a good choice for you. Additionally, you can consider applying for consumer durable loans, such as the one offered by Tata Capital which offers attractive interest rates and quick approvals. This way, you can choose to get multiple products with different capacities and brands so that you can pick something according to your needs at different times.

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