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Tata Capital > Blog > Capital Goods Loan > Laptop Buying Guide 2022

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Laptop Buying Guide 2022

Laptop Buying Guide 2022

Whether you’re a student, a fresher, or a professional, owning a laptop that meets the needs of your fast-paced schedule is a must. But with mind-blowing features and jaw-dropping visuals, buying a laptop is far from easy. Add technological jargon to the mix, and you’re back to square one.

What you need is a laptop purchase guide. And if you’re thinking about which guide for laptops you should follow and who can help me choose a laptop, you’re in luck. Because here we have the best laptop buying guide.

Let’s look at some key areas and tips for buying a laptop that fits your needs.


Which guide for laptops won’t consider performance? Not this one! The performance of your laptop depends on its hardware. Better hardware will translate to higher costs. Here are some points to keep in mind.

  • RAM

A crucial consideration in a laptop selection guide is memory. More memory means a faster laptop. Usually, laptops come with 4GB RAM, which is enough for most users.

However, if memory is an essential requirement for you, and your laptop has an extra RAM slot. Adding a memory stick to prevent it from slowing down too quickly is recommended.

  • Battery

Battery life is a consideration with all gadgets. And in laptops, it’s one of the highest priorities. For your reference, 2000 mAh is poor battery life, while 7000 mAh is excellent.

  • Processor

Modern laptops offer multi-core CPUs like ARM and AMD for faster processing. So, depending on your laptop’s role, your processor needs will change.

For instance, if your need is Internet browsing and working on documents, a lower-end processor will do. On the other hand, if you’re a gamer, a high-end processor is more suitable.

  • Graphics

Separate memory cards for visual memory are recommended if your laptop’s primary role is gaming. Especially for 3D games. But keep in mind that isolated memory cards tend to use more battery power.


The best laptop buying guide of 2022 will always include display as a critical judging parameter. Here are essential points.

  • Screen size

Choose a large screen for a convenient viewing experience. These do well for laptops bought to substitute desktops. Smaller screens make for a portable size.

  • Screen type

This is another essential of any laptop-choosing guide. It refers to the LCD panel and coating over the screen. The two technologies in this space are TN and IPS. TN panels are less expensive, offer faster refresh rates, and are more common. At the same time, IPS offer higher colour resolution and better viewing angles. If you’re a gamer, TN-enabled screens are better suited for you.

Touchscreens are the most recent addition to laptop buying guides in 2022. But these are more expensive and have lower battery life. These screens are popular in hybrid laptops that allow a tab-like operating experience and are usually on the smaller side for ease of handling.

Another tip for buying a laptop is to take coatings into account. These can be matte or glossy. The latter are popular as they allow brightness to come through but aren’t conducive to outdoor lighting with glare. Companies generally choose matte as they are anti-glare and more adaptable to lighting. However, their contrast and brightness are poor.

Whichever guide for laptops you follow, screen type is an important consideration.

  • Resolution

This refers to the number of pixels on the display screen. If your needs are gaming or watching movies, a high-resolution laptop is ideal. These facilitate detailed images and a greater workspace on display.

  • Operating system

A laptop purchase guide is incomplete without discussing operating systems. The major players in this segment are Windows, Mac, Linux, Chrome and DOS. If you’re wondering how this can help me choose a laptop, then let’s just say this is probably the most critical component on this list.

The operating system is the backbone of your laptop, and hence choosing the best one will ensure user satisfaction.

Windows is the most popular, with 76% market share, followed by Mac. The user interface for all operating systems is different. And so, the best one is the one you’re most comfortable with. Whichever guide for laptops you look at, this is the central idea to all of them.

  • Ports and connectivity

Which guide for laptops wouldn’t include connectivity ability? Not this laptop purchase guide! A tip for buying laptops is to always look at the integrated connectors of the laptop. Type-A, Type-C, HDMI, and a VGA port are common ports to look out for.

If you’re getting confused and wondering how this will help me choose a laptop, let us explain this. Type-A is a standard connector that connects USBs. Type-C is a reversible cable that enables faster data transfer and connects directly to SD memory cards, universal chargers and docks.

 HDMI ports connect laptops to televisions, and VGA (Video Graphic Array) ports connect to projectors and can enable multiple screens for added convenience. Choose a laptop empowered with ports that best suit your needs.


This is an important consideration in all laptop selection guides. The design of the laptop does vary with pricing. It all boils down to what you like best. Laptop buying guides in 2022 will help you understand the key points to study, but the one you take home must be the one whose overall design fits your lifestyle.

From a gaming one to a touchscreen-enabled one, a laptop selection guide is here to help you find the best one for you!

Laptop buying guide 2022: wrapping up

By analysing your options along the above parameters, you can find the best buy. Laptop buying guides serve as crucial roadmaps in dynamic spaces like this.  And this laptop-choosing guide will have you navigating the space like a pro.

But now that you have a laptop purchase guide, you have to look at financing. Tata Capital offers consumer durable loans at attractive interest rates to help you in your journey of realising the future you dream of.

For more details, visit Tata Capital’s website today!

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