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Tata Capital > Blog > Capital Goods Loan > Is It Worth Buying Folding Smartphones?

Capital Goods Loan

Is It Worth Buying Folding Smartphones?

Is It Worth Buying Folding Smartphones?

The introduction of smartphones, brought with it a wide range of new features and innovations, all with the goal of making our lives easier. Every year, the best smartphone brands such as Apple, Samsung, Nokia and Xiaomi launch new and improved top phones with incredible features.

In 2022, we are seeing the best phones with an all-new feature. They can fold. Folding smartphones are hot right now. This breath-taking feature adds flexibility to your smartphone, with some of them folding outward while others having an open and close display.

Foldable smartphones seem like a thing of the future, with their beautiful designs and multi-functional features. Not sure if foldable phones are worth the investment? Read our guide to find out and get some smartphone tips to improve your user experience.

Improved Multi-tasking

A lot of smartphones nowadays offer the feature of using two different applications at the same time. However, the small screens make it highly uncomfortable to use both the applications together effectively. Hence, the big and flexible display of foldable smartphones make it easier for you to multitask on your phone, without being confined to a limited space.

Increased Portability

Due to its size, a foldable smartphone can be as big as a tablet. Hence it offers you the benefits of both a phone and a tablet in one device. No longer do you have to carry all your gadgets while travelling; all your needs can be fulfilled by just one phone. Moreover, its flexible nature allows you to carry it with ease in your pocket, like a regular phone.

Camera Quality

Leading companies, with their foldable smartphones, offer exceptional camera quality for all photography enthusiasts. A foldable smartphone allows for a single sensor to act as the front and the rear camera. You can fold your smartphone in a certain manner to either click a selfie or a normal picture.

Reduced Risk of Damage

Folding smartphones aim to reduce the risk of damage. They are designed with high resistance and flexible materials to ensure that your device doesn’t break or crack on impact. There are still chances of the phone getting chipped or cracked, however their lifespan as compared to other smartphones is relatively longer.

Improved Features

In addition to its other features, foldable smartphones are predicted to change the world of gaming on mobile phones. With the availability of two different screens, one screen can be dedicated to the game, while the other can be used for controls. This is the reason many gaming applications are designing updates to support foldable phones for the added functionality.

3 Top Selling Folding Smartphones

Know that Samsung is spearheading the foldable smartphone revolution. If you are considering a foldable smartphone purchase, keep the following three models in mind. They are hot sellers already. 

1. Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4

Meet the world’s first foldable tab-to-phone smartphone – the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold. Many tech gurus term it the best foldable smartphone overall. The 4th generation Samsung Galaxy Z Fold offers a flagship-level 50-megapixel camera and folds out to essentially become a large screen where you can finish a considerable amount of office work. 

In addition to housing a superfast Qualcomm Snapdragon 8+ processor, it also carries an exceptional display brightened by 1000 nits. This foldable smartphone has all the possible premium features you would expect from a smartphone, and it is still light and easy to carry in your pocket. The only con, as you would have guessed by now, is that it’s pricey, but you could easily get a low-cost EMI to make this luxurious and useful purchase. 

2. Huawei Mate Xs 2

A worthy competitor to the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 is the Huawei Mate Xs 2. It comes with a unique folding design, premium touch and feel, a powerful 4600mAh battery and a Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 processor. 

This model does not fold inward as you would expect but outward like a laptop screen. Its ultra-high resolution foldable panel has no noticeable crease, which has been a bit of an issue with Samsung Foldables. The main screen measures 7.8 inches diagonally with a PPI of 442. 

The Mate Xs 2 is a premium foldable smartphone, except it’s relatively more expensive than the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4. 

3. Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4

Want a foldable smartphone at a much lower price? Fortunately, Samsung has the solution! If you are willing to let go of a very large screen and settle for a simple large screen with an exceptional display and camera, you have the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4. 

With its light and compact form, bespoke colour options and 3700mAh battery, it is one of the best foldable smartphones for everybody. Fairly priced like other smartphones with similar configurations, this phone flips up and down, not sideways. 

Its stylish and sleek appearance, no visible flip line and improved durability make it a hot-selling choice. However, this model is not entirely dust and water-resistant, so you have to be relatively careful around it. Other than this little hitch, it’s a user’s pleasure. 

The Bottom Line

The introduction of foldable smartphones is the next frontier, with many of the top manufacturers offering this feature. To be able to afford the top foldable phones, you can apply for a consumer durable loan or mobile loan at Tata Capital.

We offer the best deals on our consumer durable loans and EMI mobile so you can own the best phones on the market. Get in touch with us today!