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Tata Capital > Blog > Capital Goods Loan > Guide to Use a GoPro 8 on Your Holiday

Capital Goods Loan

Guide to Use a GoPro 8 on Your Holiday

Guide to Use a GoPro 8 on Your Holiday

Nick Woodman created history by launching the first of many GoPro cameras - the GoPro 35mm HERO. It revolutionized the way travelers and photography enthusiasts take pictures. Cut to the present, GoPro Inc. has released seven upgraded models of the camera, the recent one being the GoPro Hero8, and a range of GoPro Karma drones. 

The cameras are known for capturing 360-degree footage, and their unique accessories help GoPro users take incredible shots. So, whether it’s rolling down a cliff while skiing, or plummeting hundreds of feet down in the sea, GoPro has you covered. With the GoPro Hero8, you are ready to capture stunning images and videos as soon as you pull it out of the box. Considering the hefty price tags the GoPro cameras come with, consumer durable loan is your best bet to own the best camera.

And if you want a series of fabulous pictures, here are some additional tips for you:

Use the GoPro Hero8 range of accessories 

GoPro Hero8's range of accessories can spice up any shot or video, as long as you know the right one to use with the perfect settings. For instance, if you’re speeding on a mountain bike or snowboarding, you can use the GoPro chest or forehead mount. If you’re kayaking or paddling, you can attach the mount to an oar. Apart from mounts, poles, tripods, and clamps are available too. 

The ElGrande pole helps you get a wide-angle shot, which can be useful if you’re paragliding or snorkeling on vacation. The Jaws-Flex-Camp accessory, on the other hand, lets you attach your GoPro Hero8 to any elevated point like a railing or a sign to get a bird’s-eye view. Don’t let money be a constraint in getting those perfect shots; avail of a consumer durable loan and let these accessories capture your memories in the most beautiful way.

Use filters and Protune 

When we talk about filters, we mean physically changeable filters. The GoPro Hero8 has filters to alter the saturation of light in your surroundings. You only require a change of an actual filter lens to alter light. For instance, the neutral-density filter works wonders in a bright environment as it slows down the shutter-speed and limits excess light. The polarizing filter can help when you have to go under-water as it cuts out reflecting lights and captures smooth images. Protune improves your shots digitally as it adjusts ISO, sharpness, white balance and exposure levels, giving your shots a more professional, cinematic look. 

Use continuous shooting-modes and go hands-free with voice control 

As much as you can, experiment with angles with GoPro Hero8 for fabulous results. There are some basic adjustments you can make to get the best photo quality. Consider the burst-shooting mode, for example. You can click 30 frames per second or use the night-lapse with which you can retain the original resolution of shots in low-light environments. The time-lapse, in addition, clicks focused shots even in the quickest of movements. You can also go hands-free as you can now control the GoPro Hero8 with voice-control. No more clicking the shutter manually!

These simple tricks and tips will help you make the best use of the GoPro Hero8, and you can return with a bunch of incredible travel photos and videos from your holiday. The GoPro Hero8 is priced around Rs. 30,000 and is completely worth the price. 

If you have your heart set on the GoPro Hero8, you can purchase it with the help of a consumer durable loan. Tata Capital’s consumer durable loans have EMI options that are convenient and can be availed easily. Check your eligibility now!

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