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Tata Capital > Blog > Capital Goods Loan > GoPro Hero 8 Vs GoPro Hero 7 – Specifications and comparisons

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GoPro Hero 8 Vs GoPro Hero 7 – Specifications and comparisons

GoPro Hero 8 Vs GoPro Hero 7 – Specifications and comparisons

Back in 2018, when GoPro launched Hero 7 at the grand photographic trade show, Photokina, it failed to create waves in the market. Although it was a sensational product, not many were aware of its specs, especially its image capturing capabilities. However, GoPro Hero 7 was widely accepted after people started recognizing the potential of the device. Time has rolled by and once again, GoPro has come up with a groundbreaking device, the enhanced version of GoPro Hero 7 – GoPro Hero 8.

Go Pro 8 Vs Go Pro 7

GoPro 8

Hero 8 is the newest addition to the GoPro family. The new GoPro 8 has been designed with an external microphone, a display unit to showcase the vlogging credentials and an LED light. Remember, GoPro Hero 5? It was the first device from the house of GoPro to be waterproof. However, the fact that it mandated a frame for mounting, didn’t work well among the users. Convincingly, GoPro 8 has an inbuilt mount within the camera body, eliminating the need for an external case. This in a way reduces the overall size of the camera.

Though GoPro 8 has a similar appearance as compared to its predecessor, GoPro 7, they do have certain differences, considering the range of specifications embedded within.

Go Pro 8 Vs Go Pro 7 Camera Comparison

GoPro 8 vs GoPro 7

  • Camera

Both the devices have a 12 MP camera, however, the recently launched GoPro 8 has improved HDR and encompasses SuperPhoto. This reduces the effect of ghosting while capturing moving photos. Makers have also added a LiveBurst feature in GoPro 8. This allows users to keep a buffer of 1.5 seconds before and after the shot, to filter the best one.

  • Live Streaming

Both GoPro 7 and GoPro 8 support Live-streaming. The difference lies in the quality, where GoPro 7 halts at 720p, GoPro scans beyond 1080p.

  • Mod

The new GoPro 8 comes with numerous external display accessories, the light mod, and the display mode. These were missing in GoPro 7. Although GoPro 7 had a media mod that included a selfie screen, a USB-C port, a 3.5 mm jack, and a micro HDMI out port, GoPro 8 also has a shotgun microphone (enhances the audio quality), and cold shoes for surmounting the light mod and the display mode. The light mod has a small LED light, and the display mod, nearly 2 inches in size is used to flip up when taking still photos or selfies.

  • Pricing

While you needed Rs. 25,999 for possessing Hero 7, the newer version or the upgraded version of the same would add another Rs. 10,501 to the count. Simply put, Hero 8 would cost you around Rs 36,500.


Although GoPro Hero 8 costs slightly more than the earlier version, the range of features and functionalities as integrated within make it worth buying. In case you are a vlogger or prefer shooting fast-moving videos, the mods and the LiveBurst feature would surely upscale the quality and enhance your experience. It would not be wrong to state that GoPro 8 will offer a smoother and much more stabilized viewing experience.

Whether you want to buy Hero 7 or Hero 8, Tata Capital has your back. You can apply for Tata Capital’s consumer durable loan and own more than 100 lifestyle products.