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Tata Capital > Blog > Capital Goods Loan > Essential Travel Gadgets For Your Next Trip

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Essential Travel Gadgets For Your Next Trip

Essential Travel Gadgets For Your Next Trip

Travelling helps people take a break from the monotony of daily life. Travelling light adds to the fun. Yet, that does not mean travellers have to leave their useful travel gadgets at home. Various travel gadgets and accessories are available for family vacations or to help frequent work travellers make travel plans easier. Here are some of the best travel gadgetsevery traveller should have in their luggage to make their trip easy, safe and enjoyable.

The 10 Best Travel Tech Gadgets For Your Next Adventure in 2023

1. Travel Steam Iron

2. Cord Organiser

3. Headphones

4. Smartwatch

5. Adaptor

6. Portable charger/Powerbank

7. Portable wi-fi hotspot

8. Instant Camera

9. Portable UV sanitising wand

10. E-reader

Top Travel Gadgets

  • Mini steam iron

A mini steam iron is a handy travel gadget. It is compact, lightweight, portable, and sometimes has a foldable handle. For regular travellers, a steam iron can help remove wrinkles from their clothing. It can make them look chic even while travelling. Mini steam irons are as small as a computer mouse, making them one of the essential travel gadgets.

  • Cord organiser

Frequent travellers or those travelling with families find it challenging to locate a charger cable from their packed luggage. A cord organiser is the right trip gadget to save travellers from such troubles. They are usually kept inside a server rack. The cables run via an organiser. It helps neatly pack all the cables and adapters making it one of the smart travel gadgets. These gadgets are easy to understand and look nice and compact. Carrying a cord organiser makes travel more organised. Compressed but functional, it comes in different colours, making it a cool travel gadget.

  • Headphones

Headphones are among some of the cool travel gadgets. Wireless headphones are allowed on a plane. Still, individual airlines may prohibit its use. Headphones are, however, essential travel gadgets in this digital age. Travellers can instead carry wired headphones. It will save them from worrying about charging the battery. These portable gadgets for travel come in fancier pairs and excellent audio quality as they use analogue signals. They handle more data than devices like Bluetooth. It means audio does not undergo much processing and gets delivered with full resolution. Wired headphones are smart travel gadgets that even come at affordable prices.

  • Smartwatch

A smartwatch is another smart gadget for travel. Mobile wallets have made travelling convenient, with travel itineraries like boarding passes etc., available on phones. Still, travellers frequently find it difficult to use their phones with all their luggage and tour schedules. Investing in a smartwatch helps travellers have a hands-free travel experience. A smartwatch is one of the best travel gadgets. It provides travellers ease of operation apart from various features like fitness tracking, maps, iMessage and the like; the smartwatch is a handy travel gadget.

  • Adaptor

An adaptor is a must-have travel gadget. Take along an international adaptor with high-speed charging technology and USB ports. As one of the best travel gadgets, an international adaptor saves travellers from looking for the right power source.

  • Portable charger

Travelling requires people to constantly seek directions, music, and information about places. Mobile phones have become an essential travel gadgets due to GPS, podcasts and translation apps to make travel smooth. However, these features also drain the phone battery. It comes with one, two and even four USB ports. A portable charger is an ideal smart travel gadget for travel with family, friends and business trips.

  • Portable wi-fi hotspot

In today’s era of instant access, a portable wi-fi hotspot is a must-have gadget. This travel gadget comes with various features like multiple connections. It also acts as a portable charger for a phone or tablet. A portable wi-fi hotspot can be called one of the cool travel gadgets of the digital age. It connects to the internet securely, is convenient to carry, and is cost-effective. It just needs to be connected to the mobile app. After paying data charges, travellers can enjoy their travel sojourns without any internet disconnection.

  • Instant camera

Today, smartphones have the latest picture technology that can take mind-blowing pictures. Yet, for those who still love to browse through memories via physical pictures, instant cameras can be one of the best travel gadgets. With extra features like lens filters and app-controlled creative modes, instant cameras can easily become cool travel gadgets.

  • E-reader

Bookworms love to carry books as travel gadgetsand accessories. However, taking many books on a trip is not always practical. To get rid of extra weight, a traveller can consider an e-reader a trip gadget. The lightweight e-reader helps them download as many books as possible with comfortable and easy reading.

  • Portable UV sanitising wand

The ongoing Covid-19 pandemic put a full stop to the travel plans of many, especially during the first and second waves. With global travel resuming after pandemic restrictions were lifted, travellers must be careful. A portable UV light sanitiser wand is one of the best travel gadgets to prepare for any pandemic wave. The pocket-sized wand can easily sterilize surfaces while travelling.


Smart travel gadgets make travel convenient, safe, enjoyable and memorable. Most of the new-age devices are lightweight. They can easily fit into a suitcase. Travellers must invest in good gadgets to make the most of their domestic or international trips. Travellers short on funds to buy gadgets can check out personal loans. 

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