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Tata Capital > Blog > Capital Goods Loan > Electronic Devices You Can Get Consumer Durable Loans For

Capital Goods Loan

Electronic Devices You Can Get Consumer Durable Loans For

Electronic Devices You Can Get Consumer Durable Loans For

You can’t win the race with technology. Several super cool gadgets with cool features hit the shelves every other day, and your wish list only gets longer. From phones to laptops, next-generation gaming consoles and smart TVs - the options are endless.

More so, the trend is such these days that consumers want to upgrade their gadgets every year. To help them get their hands on the latest electronic devices, banks and NBFCs today disburse easy consumer durable loans. Some even offer interest free loans. Thanks to this, consumers now can buy the gadgets they want and repay in easy instalments with no interest levied.

You now no longer have to wait or save money to buy the latest Apple product or Xbox or any cool gadget that catches your fancy. 

Here’s a list of the electronic devices you can leverage the loan for:

Smartphones: These days, you cannot imagine how to function without your smartphone and aspire to own a best-in-class handset all the time. Whether you desire the iPhone 11 Pro Max that costs over a lakh, a Samsung Galaxy Note 10 that retails at Rs. 70,000 or a kickass budget phone from Xiaomi, you can buy any with a consumer durable loan EMI plan.

Laptops: You can also use this loan to buy any laptop you fancy across price points. It could be a high-end gaming/designing laptop or a simple machine to help you run your business. You can also use the loan to buy tablets or netbooks.

Smart TVs: Smart TVs have completely changed the TV-viewing experience today. However, they do not come cheap. They could cost you anywhere from Rs. 30,000 to a few lakhs of rupees. However, you can easily get one in your budget with the help of a consumer durable loan. 

Gaming consoles: Whether you are an avid gamer or just indulge in some casual gaming on weekends, you can get an interest free loan to buy the latest PlayStation, Xbox, Wii or Nintendo. You can also avail of this loan to buy the games you need. 

Home security systems: Many home security systems come with features such as voice activation, bio-metric locking, remote access and more. You can secure your home without having to worry about how expensive the systems are with a consumer durable loan. 

In addition to the above electronic devices, you can also avail this loan to purchase the swankiest of smartwatches, action cameras, headphones, music bars, and more.  

Happiness is unboxing that new gadget you always wanted. With this type of a loan, you no longer have to put off purchases till a sale or when you have enough money to spare. 

Tata Capital’s consumer durable loan interest rates start at zero percent, so you don’t have to bear heavy interest rates that make already pricey device even more expensive. You can customize the loans EMIs per your convenience and get immediate loan approval with minimal documentation.

Wait no more! Get your hands on your favorite device now.

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