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Tata Capital > Blog > Capital Goods Loan > Best Smart TV Under Rs. 10,000 You Must Buy This Festive Season

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Best Smart TV Under Rs. 10,000 You Must Buy This Festive Season

Best Smart TV Under Rs. 10,000 You Must Buy This Festive Season

The festive season is when every family member is around. At such lively times, movies are a great way to spend time with your family. And what's better than enjoying your favourite movies than a budget-friendly smart TV?

Festivals are also known for special sales offers. And during these special offers, you can easily find smart TVs under Rs. 10,000 that do not compromise on picture and sound quality. Whether watching a sport or an action thriller, you will enjoy high-quality visuals with an excellent sound system, enhancing your viewing experience.

A discount in sales accompanies the festive season, and you can leverage the opportunity to secure a smart TV for Rs. 10,000 with a better viewing experience.

If you want to purchase an affordable smart TV, you are at the right place. This blog will discuss some of the best smart TVs under Rs. 10,000 you must buy this festive and their unique properties.

6 Best Smart TVs Under Rs. 10,000 for This Festive Season

Here are some smart TVs under Rs. 10,000 you should check out:

#1. VW Frameless Series HD Ready LED TV VW32A-32-inch

This smart Android TV under Rs. 10,000 offers stunning visuals with its HD-ready video format, providing better image quality than standard definition (SD) with sharper details and clarity. It operates on an LED display, which consumes less energy and is cost-efficient. 

The LED technology displays vibrant colours with a clear motion rate and high brightness levels. 

It is equipped with two powerful box speakers, which allow you to enjoy your music and movies at a high volume without distortion. 

The screen size is 32 inches, with a resolution of 1366x768, slightly higher than the normal 720p display. It is perfect for streaming videos from the internet with a clear viewing experience without straining your internet bandwidth. 

The VW smart TV has various connectivity ports, which include 2 HDMI ports and 2 USB ports.

#2. Westinghouse 80 cm(32 inches) Pi Series HD Ready smart TV

Westinghouse has a slender chassis coupled with a sleek premium design that blends well with your interior design and gives it a better look. 

Apart from the design, it has an HD resolution, offering top-notch visuals and good colour contrast with detailed textures. You can be assured of lifelike and captivating visuals with your Westinghouse TV.

Due to the high contrast and the brightness level, you can enjoy your content at any time of the day, regardless of the ambience light in the living room.

The TV also has a built-in Miracast, which allows you to stream the screen of your laptop, smartphone, and tablet on your smart TV for a better viewing experience.

It operates on a Mali Quad-core GPU processor and an Amlogic Chipset, ensuring seamless performance without lag. 

It is equipped with powerful 30 W speakers that guarantee a smooth dialogue and a cinematic audio experience. It is one of the best smart TVs under Rs. 10,000 you can get today.

#3. Acer 80 cm N Series HD Ready TV 

As the name suggests, Acer N Series HD Ready TV also uses an HD-ready video format, providing colourful and lifelike visuals. It runs on an LED display technology, enhancing colour accuracy and overall image quality. 

The TV has a 20-watt sound output, and the speakers are built, which makes it easier to produce stereo sound. It has a 60-hertz refresh rate, offering clear and smooth motion while watching movies or TV shows. 

The connection ports include 2 HDMI and 2 USB ports. It offers a 32-inch display and a pixel resolution of 1366x768, making an excellent smart TV price under Rs. 10,000.

#4. Systro Frameless 32-inch LED Smart TV

You can be sure of clear and vibrant images when it comes to Systro Smart Android LED TV. Its built-in Systro Advanced Trueview image processing engine lets you enjoy clear visuals with high colour accuracy.

The TV is also compatible with every popular OTT app, making it easy to find and stream your favourite content. It has a premium, frameless design that fits seamlessly into your interior design. This is one of the most affordable smart TVs under Rs. 10,000 you can get during this festive season.

#5. KODAK 80cm (32 inches) HD Ready Smart LED TV

KODAK Smart LED TV is one of the most popular TVs under Rs. 10,000. It offers a powerful viewing experience with zero lag due to its Mali-based Quad-core GPU engine and Amlogic Chipset. 

Its built-in multi-functionality makes it suitable for various purposes, such as streaming TV shows, playing games, or watching movies. 

It also has an in-built Miracast, which allows you to project your favourite content from the screen of your various devices, such as laptops and phones, to your TV.

The TV has a slim bezel design. It also provides viewers with stunning, high-quality visuals with natural colour and detailed contrast. The 30-watt speakers give off a clear dialogue and entertaining audio.

#6. Karbonn 80cm (32 inches) millennium Series HD Ready LED TV

This TV makes it easy for viewers to enjoy their favourite content because of its flawless design and impressive audio systems. 

For entertainment purposes, Karbonn TV makes it more enjoyable by offering a good quality design that keeps your eyes glued to the screen. 

Its broad viewing angle lets you capture every part of the scene, making it suitable for family use. Its powerful 20-watt speaker sends out deep and clear audio, which enhances your viewing experience. 

This smart TV is under Rs. 10,000, which also allows users to connect with devices through multiple ports such as VGA, HDMI, AV and USB. If you want a TV suitable for a unique movie and sports experience, try out Karbonn TV.


That wraps up our list of some of the best TVs under Rs. 10,000. You saw that you don't need to break the bank to get a fantastic television. There are many good smart TVs priced under Rs. 10,000 that you can get during this festive period. 

These smart TVs have sleek designs and their screens display crisp HD visuals. They offer smooth performance without lag and can be connected to various devices through multiple ports or wirelessly.

Planning to bring home a new TV this festive season? Turn to Tata Capital. We offer a consumable loan of up to Rs. 5 lakhs for purchasing electronic devices. Apply now for your loan and get a TV to make the festive season a lively and memorable one!

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