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Tata Capital > Blog > Capital Goods Loan > Apple Diwali Offers 2022 On iPhone, iWatch, And iMac MacBook Air

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Apple Diwali Offers 2022 On iPhone, iWatch, And iMac MacBook Air

Apple Diwali Offers 2022 On iPhone, iWatch, And iMac MacBook Air

Apple recently launched its much-awaited 2022 line-up and as usual, has left us all in awe. The tech giant never fails to make waves with its unmatched product design and feature-ridden smart gadgets. Whether you have your eye on an iPhone or a MacBook Air, you could be unboxing it as soon as next month. After all, Diwali is around the corner and it’s time to celebrate!

Judging from last year, you can expect to bring home some cool new gadgets with heavy discounts under the Apple Diwali offer in 2022.

If you’re curious about the iPhone 13 price in the Diwali sale 2022 or the MacBook Air Diwali offer, we’ve got you covered!

Let’s explore the Apple Diwali offers and what the festive season has in store for us.

iPhone Diwali offer

The iPhone is Apple’s most successful product. As per business of apps data from August 2022, its sales catered for 52% of Apple’s revenue last year. This comes as no surprise given how Apple levels up every year with jaw-dropping visuals and jam-packed features. It’s probably why the iPhone 13 price in the Diwali Sale 2022 is highly anticipated by many.

This year Apple launched the iPhone 14 range which has again convinced the world why this American company holds 27.49% of the global smartphone market share and is the second biggest smartphone manufacturer in the world.

Let’s look at what the Diwali iPhone offer has in store for us.

iPhone 12 Diwali offer

With the recent launch of the iPhone 14, the iPhone 12 Diwali offeris expected to have heavy discounts.

This iPhone is a 2020 launch and comes in four models, varying in size, features, and pricing. Its launch price was Rs 70,000 and its current price is approximately Rs 55,000.

This is expected to further drop during the festive season. Flipkart hints that the iPhone 12 Diwali offer has discounts bringing the price down to an exciting Rs 40,000.

iPhone 13 Diwali offer

The iPhone 13 price in the Diwali Sale 2022 is on everyone’s mind. It was launched at Rs 80,000 in 2021 and is currently priced between Rs 67,000 and Rs 70,000, depending on the model. Flipkart’s Big Billion sale is already indicating that the iPhone 13 price in Diwali sale 2022 can be as low as Rs 50,000.

If you have your eye on this one, it’s time to get one with the Diwali iPhone offer.

iPhone 14

Since this is a 2022 launch, the iPhone 14 may not have discounts like the iPhone 12 Diwali offeror the iPhone 13 Diwali offer. However, the Apple Diwali offer 2022 is anybody’s guess so keep a look out and you might get lucky.

iWatch Diwali offer

The iPhone 13 Diwali offer may be on everyone’s mind, but Apple wearables have not lost their fanbase. The Apple Watch is also hoped to come with attractive discounts like the much-anticipated Diwali iPhone offer.

Apple has been leading the global smartwatch market by a considerable margin. According to a report by Canalys, it holds 28.9% of the market share and is followed by Huawei with 10.6%.

This comes as no surprise. Among smartwatches, there are rarely any as trendy and technologically savvy as the Apple Watch. Some of the features that the iconic Apple Watch has are,

Fitness partner on your wrist

By tracking your movements, the watch helps you meet your fitness goals. Features like personalised coaching and activity competitions keep you motivated.

Water resistant

Swimming or surfing, you can do it all with the Apple watch which is water resistant to 50 m.

Keeps a tab on your health

By tracking your heart rate throughout the day, the Apple Watch alerts you in case of any irregularity. It also has an advanced sensor that reads your blood oxygen levels so that you lead a healthy and happy life.

Emergency services

In case of a car crash, this watch is programmed to alert the authorities and emergency contacts.

 Studies also show that the brand made efforts to decrease the carbon footprint of the Apple Watch Series 7 at production, compared to its predecessor.

The Apple Watch Series 8 was launched this year, at the brand’s ‘Far Out’ event and is priced between Rs 45,900 and Rs 79,900. The Apple Watch SE 2 was launched at Rs 29,900 and the Apple Watch Ultra, at Rs 89,900.

With this recent release, the previous series are going to be offered at reduced prices this Diwali. Last year, the Apple Watch SE was offered at a 23% discount during the Diwali sale. Exciting deals such as the iPhone 13 Diwali offer could mean we see the coveted Apple Watch becoming more affordable too.

Though the Apple Diwali offers in 2022 on Apple Watches are yet to be revealed, with the Amazon Big Indian Festival sale and the Flipkart Big Billions sale commencing soon, they are sure to bring you big savings.

MacBook Air Diwali offer

The Apple PC line-up has seen great success in India. According to an economic times reports, Apple is set to gain a fourth of the laptop revenue share in the country, which amounts to US$ 1.5 Billion. In the first quarter of this year, Apple became the highest-selling PC brand in the world by shipping a whopping 22.3 million Mac units.

The Diwali offer on the Apple MacBook is something many Indians are curious about. With its cutting-edge technology and attractive visuals, Apple PCs have been the envy of many. And the MacBook Air Diwali offer could make it affordable for many.

The Apple MacBook Air and the 13-inchMacBook Pro launched this year have redefined laptops and notebooks. Not only are they ultra-thin, making them easy to carry, but are also powered by the Tech company’s exclusive M2 Chip that is expected to enhance the workflow experience on the device.

The MacBook Air 2022 starts at Rs 1,19,900 and the MacBook Pro starts at 1,29,900. The launch of the new Apple PCs will only mean bigger discounts under the Diwali offer on Apple MacBooks. 

Last year, the MacBook Air Diwali offer slashed the 2020 launch down to an exciting Rs 79,990. And now, with their Indian market growing at an exponential rate and the auspicious festival season, we can expect a mouth-watering Diwali offer on Apple MacBook Air and MacBook Pro models.

Though the details on whether the new launches will make it to the Diwali sales are yet to be revealed, the festival of lights brings a time of merriment that might just bring with it a Diwali offer on the Apple MacBook, so stay tuned!

Other Apple Diwali offers

Diwali in India means a time to dance and celebrate. And how better than availing the Apple Diwali offers? Apart from the iPhone 12 Diwali offer and the iPhone 13 Diwali offer, we can expect other exciting discounts on Apple products too.

Other products that could make this Apple Diwali Offer even more exhilarating are the iPad, Apple TV and the AirPods. Discounts on these seem to be still under wraps as no news has yet been shared. But we have some guesses.

During their back-to-school edition, Apple gave free second generations AirPods to all students buying a Mac or iPad. We hope this amazing coupling makes a return in the Diwali iPhone offer or even the MacBook Air Diwali offer. Because who doesn’t want those convenient yet stylish AirPods?

To wrap up

During sales, online shopping websites often partner with banks, giving additional discounts on select credit and debit cards or other payment methods. We suggest you keep a look out for them while you avail discounts under the Apple Diwali offer for greater savings.

According to a times now report, the new iPhone 14 will be made in India. This is great news for gadget enthusiasts in the country as we could be seeing less costly apple products in times to come. However, the price is not expected to fall for the 2022 releases.

But that shouldn’t stop you from showing appreciation to your loved ones or treating yourself this Diwali. Financial institutions like Tata Capital offer consumer durable loans at competitive interest rates so that you can reap the benefits of the Apple Diwali offers in 2022. Visit our website and apply for a loan today!

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