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Tata Capital > Blog > Capital Goods Loan > Air Coolers Vs Air Conditioners- Which is Right for You?

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Air Coolers Vs Air Conditioners- Which is Right for You?

Air Coolers Vs Air Conditioners- Which is Right for You?

With humidity levels increasing day by day and temperatures reaching new heights every summer, air conditioners and air coolers have become more important than ever for relief from the heat. However, with air coolers incorporating impressive technology, it's easy to become confused while choosing between an air cooler vs air conditioner.

Air coolers offer a budget-friendly choice with lower power consumption, while air conditioners deliver superior cooling performance, especially in larger spaces such as halls and auditoriums. If you are still determining the best choice for your needs, you've come to the right place.

In this blog, we will explore the differences between air coolers vs air conditioners and the factors you must consider to make the right choice for making the right choice.

How air conditioners and air coolers work?

Before delving into the factors to consider when comparing air coolers vs. air conditioners, it's important to understand how both operate.

An air conditioner, also known as an AC, is a cooling device that utilises a chemical refrigerant to absorb the warm heat from the atmosphere and then releases it through an outdoor unit. This process transforms the indoor space into a cool and comfortable environment for occupants. By manipulating the thermostat, you can adjust the room's temperature to achieve your desired comfort level.

In contrast, unlike air conditioners, air coolers do not expel the absorbed air to the outdoor unit. Instead, they cool it through evaporation and release it back into the room as cool air.

Air coolers vs air conditioners: which is better?

Here are some factors you need to consider when choosing between an air cooler vs air conditioner:

#1 Cost efficiency

When it comes to affordability, air conditioners are generally more expensive than air coolers. The price of air conditioners typically begins at around Rs 20,000.

In comparison, air coolers are more affordable and budget-friendly. You can buy an air cooler for as little as Rs 3,000 or more.

#2 Air quality

Air conditioners and air coolers have different working systems, influencing the air quality they supply.

Air coolers provide natural fresh air absorbed from the outdoor environment, while AC is a closed system that can only absorb indoor air. At the same time, outdoor air is likely to contain dust and pollen, which can be harmful if the air cooler lacks a built-in filter, whereas most AC systems are built with air filters to trap dust, pollen, and allergen, thus making the air safer.

Thus when comparing air coolers vs air conditioners in terms of environmental friendliness, air conditioners clearly have an edge.

#3 Ease of installation

Installing air conditioners requires professional assistance and cannot be easily done by individuals. On the other hand, air coolers, especially portable models, are remarkably simple to install and do not necessitate any professional help. When considering the ease of installation compared to air coolers vs air conditioners, it is evident that air coolers are the more user-friendly and do-it-yourself option.

#4 A quiet environment

If you're bothered by buzzing sounds, consider opting for an air conditioner. They operate quietly, creating a more comfortable environment that can boost your productivity. In contrast, air coolers may generate noise from the fan circulating air through wet cooling pads.

#5 Nature-friendly

The chemical refrigerant used in the AC system gives off a high amount of chlorofluorocarbon, which is considered harmful to the environment.

Air coolers don't require any chemical refrigerant, and it is a more environmentally friendly cooling option, contributing to lower carbon footprints. So, if you’re environment-conscious, an air cooler is definitely the best option.

#6 The rate of energy consumption

Air conditioners consume significantly more energy than air coolers due to their cooling process. AC systems use energy-intensive methods like compressing and expanding chemical refrigerants to extract indoor heat. In contrast, air coolers are much more energy-efficient. Choosing an air cooler can result in energy savings of up to 80%, which can noticeably reduce your electricity bills.

#7 Level of comfort

When it comes to comfort, air conditioners and air coolers offer distinct experiences. Air conditioners excel in providing a high level of comfort with their precise temperature control. They swiftly cool a room, making them ideal for extreme heat or when immediate relief is needed. Air conditioners maintain a consistent and comfortable indoor environment regardless of outdoor conditions.

On the other hand, air coolers provide a more budget-friendly cooling option but offer a lower level of comfort. Their effectiveness depends on ambient humidity and they provide a less uniform cooling experience. For those seeking superior and reliable comfort, especially in intense heat, air conditioners remain the preferred choice.

#8 Moisture control

Air conditioners excel at dehumidifying, effectively lowering indoor humidity levels. They are excellent for creating a dry and comfortable environment, making them ideal in humid climates.

Air coolers, on the other hand, add moisture to the air during the cooling process, making them less effective in reducing humidity. If you need to combat high humidity, air conditioners are the better choice, while air coolers work well in dry conditions.

#9 Maintenance cost

Air coolers typically have lower maintenance costs than air conditioners. They consist of simple components, reducing repair expenses. With their complex refrigeration systems, air conditioners can incur higher maintenance costs due to periodic servicing and potential component replacements. Opting for air coolers can save you on long-term maintenance expenses.


The debate between air cooler vs air conditioner: which is better, hinges on several factors and your preference.

If you like the room being cool and working in a quiet and very comfortable atmosphere, you will likely prefer an air conditioner. But, if you are on the lookout for something affordable, with little cost of maintenance, and love fresh air, then opting for an air cooler is a better choice.

However, if you’ve decided what to buy but are putting off the purchase due to budget constraints, turn to Tata Capital. We offer consumer durable loans up to Rs 5 lakhs which starts at a 0% interest rate with minimal documentation. So why wait? Relax and chill in cool air this summer. Apply today!

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