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Tata Capital > Blog > Capital Goods Loan > Advantages of Opting for Budget Phones

Capital Goods Loan

Advantages of Opting for Budget Phones

Advantages of Opting for Budget Phones

Most top phones in the market, while packing attractive features, leave a deep hole in your pocket. This is where ‘budget’ phones, with specifications modelled after the market leaders, can be just right for your daily needs. Priced competitively in the mid-to-low range, they offer the latest features with impressive performance.

What is a budget phone?

A budget phone comes in two variants-

  • A popular brand launches a toned-down version of a top phone, with fewer features and a lower price (higher brand value, lower specifications)
  • A less-known brand disrupts the market with a cheap phone but with superior features (lower brand value, higher specifications)

Why should one go for budget phones?

Looking to buy top phones of 2019? Buying a budget phone will save you from spending a bomb on the best phones of 2019; money that you can spend on other areas. It is easier to pay for such phones up-front or avail affordable EMI mobile options. Given that the best smartphones have a fairly short life span, it makes monetary sense to spend on a budget phone if you replace phones often.

A decade ago, affordable smartphones were laden with groggy versions of Android, with unimpressive features and hardware. Fast forward to the present day, Google has improved Android’s software eco-system for a multitude of devices in a bid to improve accessibility and affordability. When it comes to features, budget phones today are giving the best phones a run for their money. Why shell out a fortune for an expensive phone, when you can instead buy a budget phone that promises the same features and benefits?

Moreover, the thought of a broken screen or a spoilt battery would give a scare to most premium mobile phone owners. In some cases, the cost of changing a damaged part is so high for top phones that one can purchase a new phone with that sum. Repair and maintenance are much more affordable in the case of budget phones, due to the easy availability of cheaper spare parts.

The best smartphone tip to keep in mind when looking for budget phones is to compare smartphones on not just price but also features, especially those that matter the most to you. So, don’t forget to compare mobiles and the value you get for your money when you set out to purchase a budget phone.

Easy Mobile Loans with Tata Capital

While there’s always some pleasure associated with owning an expensive phone, the value chasm between such a phone and its more affordable cousin is not so big anymore. So, the next time you go out mobile-shopping, do give brands like Xiaomi, Vivo, Oppo, etc. a glance.

Looking for a convenient mobile loan option for your smartphone purchase? Tata Capital’s consumer durable loans come with flexible EMI mobile repayment options. Whether you’re going for a low or mid-segment price range, Tata Capital’s mobile loans help you purchase just the model you want, without ever leaving a hole in your pocket.