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What is UPRERA?

The Uttar Pradesh Real Estate Regulatory Authority became effective from May 1, 2016, when the state notified the rules of the RERA Act. The body serves as the regulatory body for the state's real estate sector and oversees complaints and projects approvals. 

After coming into force, UPRERA has been actively helping buyers and sellers in streamlining real estate transactions. Given the large inventory of affordable housing options and ready-to-move properties, the real estate scenario has been booming in the state, especially in areas like Noida, Ghaziabad, Greater Noida, Lucknow, etc. To meet the demands of the homebuyers and make the buying process more transparent, therefore, Uttar Pradesh RERA has been offering project filing, grievance, and other services through their online portal. It became operational on July 26, 2017. 

Developers, brokers, and real estate agents operating in UP can easily register and seek approval under the UPRERA act. All they need to do is provide a set of document proofs and pay a nominal registration fee, among other charges. Since the act became effective, thousands have been registered successfully through the portal, making it a huge success. 

The online portal, in particular, has been a massive advantage for potential property buyers. Now, they can make a complaint online against dishonest developers and fraudulent activities. Further, such complaints are resolved quickly through the body's e-court system so aggrieved buyers can find a resolution soon. As a result, the RERA Uttar Pradesh act has brought a greater sense of peace to homebuyers.  

What are the Primary Goals of UPRERA?

Like other states RERA, Uttar Pradesh Real Estate Regulatory Authority was established under the  Real Estate (Regulation and Development) Act, 2016, to protect the homebuyers in UP against unfair practices and promote transparency in the buying process. Other core objectives of the UPRERA act include encouraging standard practices, speedy grievance resolution and project delivery. 

With such buyer-centric advantages, RERA Uttar Pradesh has proven to be a great boon to the state's bustling realty hotspots and micro-markets like Noida, Lucknow, Greater Noida, Ghaziabad, and more. Many are hailing UP as the new epicentre for real estate, with many big players making private investments.

While the post-pandemic market scenario has been relatively slow, the demand for affordable and premium housing is expected to grow gradually. After all, many metropolitans in the state are on their way to becoming commercial hubs. Plus, with UPRERA overlooking project registrations, complaints, and approvals, property investment in the state has become straightforward. 

So, if you're considering purchasing a property in the state, you can avail of complete details about builders and projects on Uttar Pradesh RERA's website portal. 

What are the Benefits of Registering with UPRERA?

Implementing the UPRERA Act brought a sea of change to the real estate sector of Uttar Pradesh. From making builder information easily accessible to filing complaints in case of false promises, the Uttar Pradesh Real Estate Regulatory Authority has streamlined property transactions in the best way possible.

Here's how the Uttar Pradesh RERA has been doing wonders for the state's real estate sector and its micro-markets:

Easy access to realty information

Buyers can access detailed information about registered projects, builders, promotors, and real estate agents using the UPRERA online portal. 

Timely grievance redressal

In case of ill practices or defects in completed projects, buyers can lodge a complaint against the seller online and seek immediate resolution. 

Fair and standard pricing

Under the RERA Uttar Pradesh act, builders and developers can only charge prices on the basis of the carpet area derived using a standard formula. With this mandate, buyers benefit from a fair pricing system.

Defined advance payments

As per the act, developers cannot charge you more than 10% of the property's total cost as advance payment before sealing the sales agreement. 

Compensation for project delays

Under this Act, builders who delay handing over projects will be liable to pay a penalty to homeowners. Failing to meet deadlines can rock the financial stability of homebuyers, and the Act puts an end to this.

How Can You Check UPRERA Registered Projects?

If you have been scouting for a residential property in Uttar Pradesh, you can simply go to the website portal of the Uttar Pradesh Real Estate Regulatory Authority. Once logged onto the website, all you need to do is complete a form to access the required project information.

Here's a step by step process of how to check Uttar Pradesh RERA registered projects online:

  • To begin, go to RERA Uttar Pradesh's website portal here.

  • On the homepage, locate the "Projects" tab and click it. A form will appear on the screen.

  • Now, complete the form as asked to search for your project. You can find every project registered on UPRERA's website like this.

  • Finally, click on "View Details". This will load the complete information about the project.

And, you're all set! This is how the UPRERA act is helping prospective buyers access accurate information and boosting transparency in the buying process while looking for a home loan.  

What are the Documents Required for UPRera Registration?

All builders and developers are mandated to register their projects under the UPRERA act. The registration process for the same is pretty simple. You simply need to upload the required documents on the RERA Uttar Pradesh's digital portal and fill out the necessary form.

Here is a list of documents you need to register a project with Uttar Pradesh RERA:

  • Sale Deed
  • Allotment Letter issued by Competent Authority

  • Brief detail of the project

  • ITR of the last three years.

  • Extract of Khatauni

  • Audited Balance Sheet

  • Registry document

  • Lease Deed

  • For Competent Authority – CIN, PAN, TAN and Photographs of Housing Commissioner, CEO and VC.

  • For Local Authority – TAN, PAN, and Photograph of M.C./E.O

  • For Individual – PAN, Photograph, and Aadhaar of the applicant

  • For Company – Company registration certificate, brief detail of enterprise, CIN, PAN TAN, Photograph and Photographs of all Partners and Directors.

  • For Proprietorship Firm, Societies & Partnership Firm – Company Registration Certificate, CIN/TAN, PAN, and Photographs of all Partners and Directors.

Once you've submitted the following documents, your project will be successfully registered with UPRERA.  

How Can You Register Projects on UPRERA?

Under the UPRERA act, all developers and builders must register their commercial and residential projects to promote, advertise, book, and sell. To do so, you can simply apply online using the UPRERA digital portal.

If you have a completed or under-construction project you want to register with Uttar Pradesh RERA online, follow the steps below:

  • Firstly, log onto the online portal of the Uttar Pradesh Real Estate Regulatory Authority here.

  • Once on the page, go to the "Registration" tab and click on it. You will be redirected to the registration section.
  • Then, locate and choose the "Project" tab and log in using your registered ID and password. You will now reach the registration page.
  • Finally, provide the required details to complete the registration process.  

Do note: if you're a real estate agent or promoter operating in UP, you need to register yourself with the RERA Uttar Pradesh first to register the project. This is a mandated requirement from the body.