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What is GujRERA?

GujRERA or the Gujarat Regulation and Development Act is credited with effectively regulating the real estate sector in Gujarat. The policies written and implemented by the state authorities protect the rights of both the homebuyers and developers.

Already in effect, RERA Gujarat boasts a substantial portfolio of 5,600 projects within the state. Implementation of RERA in Gujarat has brought accountability and transparency to the state’s real estate sector.

The RERA or Regulation and Development Act passed by the Indian Government in 2016 brought credibility to the commercial and residential development projects. Passed at the Centre, this Act is enforced by all the states of India, with Gujarat being one of them.

By choosing a RERA-Approved home, you are purchasing a vetted piece of property where the developer cannot dupe you by vanishing with the money or delaying possession of your home. Therefore, if you're planning on buying a house in Gujarat, make sure it’s approved under RERA Gujarat.

It is also mandatory for all housing and commercial real estate developers to register under this Act. Unregistered builders cannot, by law, promote or sell their properties in Gujarat or anywhere else. So if you're a developer or builder working on a residential or commercial project in the state, make sure to register yourself and your project on time.

Buying a GujRERA-approved property means investing in a legitimate home where the developer has all licenses and clearances. This Act has not only increased the trust between buyers and sellers but also made the purchasing and made home loan process within the state a seamless process, which wasn't the case earlier. 

What are the Primary Goals of GujRERA?

RERA Gujarat aims to achieve the following through its rules and policies.

  • This regulatory body works towards providing customer-centric solutions for real estate woes.

  • It also monitors service delivery and creates a transparent atmosphere for real estate buyers and sellers.

  • It aims to protect buyers’ funds. How? Under RERA, developers must deposit 70% of their collections for schemes under construction. This money is released to builders only once they hand over the property to the buyer.

  • Gujarat RERA aims to instil more accountability in the developers to complete and hand over projects on time.

  • Buyers can now access detailed information about the property they wish to buy by law, thanks to RERA in Gujarat.

  • The policies enlisted within Gujarat RERA aims to provide fair compensation to buyers for project delays.

  • One of its main objectives is to provide a grievance platform and quick resolution to unhappy buyers. To this end, RERA in Gujarat has set up appellate tribunals, where this body aims to settle all cases within 60 days.  

What are the Benefits of Registering with GujRERA?

Here are some of the top benefits of registering with RERA Gujarat:

Instils trust in buyers

A property or piece of land registered under RERA in Gujarat is considered authentic and safe for purchase by buyers. Buyers are also sure of such a house's quality and delivery timeline.

Ensures construction quality

Developers can be held accountable for any fault in the construction of the property for up to 5 years from the possession date. What's more, thanks to GujRERA, developers are mandated to carry out repairs within 30 days once the buyer files a complaint.

Provides quick redressal

Since Gujarat RERA acts like a godparent for all real estate stakeholders, reaching out to them with grievances is easy, and the resolution is quick. This holds true for home buyers, sellers and independent real estate agents and brokers.

Discourages dubious projects and builders

It is compulsory for all developers to have a RERA registration. This eliminates fly-by-night builders with a dubious scheme who vanish with trusting home buyers’ funds.

Supports all stakeholders

RERA Gujarat does not only provide redressal to home buyers but also developers and independent real estate agents, for they too can file a case or complaint with the regulatory body.

How Can You Check GujRERA Registered Projects?

Checking whether a project is registered with RERA Gujarat is simple, and you can do it online. Follow these steps:

  • Visit the official GujRERA web portal by clicking here.
  • You’ll find a blank space right in the middle of the page where you can type in your search.

  • Search for your project, developer or agent by typing in their name. For instance, if your builder’s name is Shivalik, type ‘Shivalik’ in the search bar and click on ‘Search’.

  • Once you hit 'Search', the portal will display whether they are registered with Gujarat RERA or not.

  • You can also try the 'Advanced Search' option. When you click on the 'Advanced Search' instead of just 'Search', the portal will not only show you whether a developer is registered with Gujarat Real Estate Regulatory Authority (RERA) but also their address, project type, district, sub-district and more.

If your result shows up with nothing, be wary of that buyer. They may not hold a registration with the state's RERA authority or are waiting for one. However, experts recommend only buying from builders who already have a RERA license. 

How Can You Find RERA Registered Projects on GujRERA?

Finding a project’s listing on RERA Gujarat is straightforward. Here is the process you should follow.

  • Visit the official website of Gujarat RERA.

  • On the top section of the website, you will find a tab called ‘Registration’.

  • From the drop-down menu, select either ‘Project’ or ‘Agent’.

  • When you click on either of the tabs, the list of registered projects or agents will open on the screen.

  • You can narrow down your search by selecting the radio button that says ‘Affordable housing’.

  • You can filter your search further by dropping down the 'All' option and selecting the category you wish to look at. 

What are the Documents Required for GujRera Registration?

Want to register with RERA Gujarat? Here are the documents you will need:

  • Submit your photograph if you’re an individual promoter.

  • If you run a real estate development company, your registration certificate and photograph of the authorized signatory.

  • Photographs of all project heads or partners of the development company.

  • Information on projects constructed in the last 5 years.

  • Form 1 from the architect, Form 2 from the structural engineer, and Form 3 from the Chartered Accountant involved in the development project.

  • Company balance sheet and profit and loss statement of the last 3 years.

  • Details of cash flow and director’s report of last 3 years.

  • Auditor’s report and Income Tax Returns (ITR) acknowledgements.

  • A copy of the company’s PAN card.

  • Encumbrance and project commencement certificate

  • Approved building/plot and layout plan

  • Sale agreement proforma

  • Land documents

  • All NOCs from relevant authorities

  • Form B as per the GujRERA

  • Brochures of all currently ongoing projects

  • Site photos

If you want to register as an agent with Gujarat RERA, here are the documents you’ll need:

  • Detailed information of your organization like name, address, and type of enterprise.

  • Name and contact information and a photograph of the real estate agent who wants to register.

  • A copy of their PAN card.

  • A copy of your business’s address proof.  

How Can You Register Projects on GujRERA?

If you are a developer or builder operating in Gujarat, you will need to register your project, whether completed or under-construction, for approval. To provide maximum convenience, GujRERA offers a digital portal for all such registrations. You simply need to follow a few steps to register under RERA Gujarat. Here they are:

  • Visit the official site of RERA for Gujarat.

  • On the home page, you’ll see an option for ‘Project Registration’.

  • Click on that, and you'll be taken to another page with a digital form asking for details like 'Promoter Type', 'Email Id', etc.

  • Fill up the form on the Gujarat RERA site, and also select your ‘Promoter Type’. You can choose from options like ‘Company, Partnership, Limited Liability Partnership’, and many others.

  • After this, click on 'Next' to receive an OTP. After verifying the OTP, you will complete your project's RERA Gujarat registration.

Also, do note: you can only register real estate projects after registering the project's promotor(s) and developer(s) first.