Is Maldives safe to travel in 2021? Let’s find out.

After a rather long hiatus, the serene destination of Maldives has opened its doors to travellers once again. What’s more, this archipelagic nation has recorded one of the lowest numbers of coronavirus cases in the world.

Indian tourists are now eligible for a visa-on-arrival in the Maldives. However, given the ongoing global pandemic, a few restrictions still exist. They are:

All tourists need a negative PCR report before entering

If you are flying into the Maldives, make sure you are carrying a negative RT-PCR test report. The negative PCR test must not be older than 72 hours.

You must attach and submit this test report along with a Travel Health Declaration Form online before arrival. Click on our Tata Capital’s website to fill the form and attach the PCR report if you are about to fly out. If you are travelling with a child below one year of age, s/he are exempt from this condition.

You may have to undergo conditional testing at the airport

A relatively common cause of concern for many is whether they will be tested again at the Male International Airport. While there is no mandatory COVID-19 testing at the airport, you will be scanned for temperature. Also, if you are displaying COVID-19 like symptoms, the airport authorities will test you.

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Maldives does not require a quarantine if you hold a negative PCR report

Mandatory quarantine after landing ends up taking several days, which may ruin your entire trip schedule. However, Maldives does not require any quarantine once you land, provided you are showing no COVID-like symptoms and carrying a negative RT-PCR report.

So, you can land in the Maldives and go straight to your resort.

Taking an RT-PCR test is not compulsory when exiting the Maldives

While exiting this archipelago, you don’t need an RT-PCR test, but Indian authorities require a negative one on arrival. So, if you are an Indian citizen who wishes to skip the testing queues upon landing, take a negative RT-PCR test in the Maldives and show it on arrival.

Doing so will save you a significant amount of time. However, if you don’t have one, don’t fret! The airport authorities will likely conduct a paid test for you. You will have to wait till the result comes out. If it is negative, you will be allowed to step out immediately.

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To sum up

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