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Tata Capital > Blog > Personal Use Loan > What is Loan Account Number and How to Check it?

Personal Use Loan

What is Loan Account Number and How to Check it?

What is Loan Account Number and How to Check it?

Individuals who are currently repaying a loan or planning to take one shortly may be familiar with the term 'loan account number.' This number is a unique identifier assigned by the lender to the loan account and is essential for various loan-related activities. In this article, readers will gain a deeper understanding of what a loan account number is and why it's crucial to keep track of it. The article will also guide readers on how to check their loan account number, enabling them to stay on top of their loan repayments and avoid any confusion or delays.

What is a Loan Account Number?

When a loan application gets approved, lenders typically assign a 14- or 15-digit number known as the 'loan account number' to the loan account. This number serves as a unique identifier for each loan account, which is especially useful when a borrower has multiple ongoing loans. For instance, if an individual has two loans with the same lender, each loan account will have a different loan account number. Lending institutions and banks rely on the loan account number to keep track of the loans they have disbursed to each customer. As a loan account number example, if one has recently taken a loan, their loan account number may look like a series of unique numbers.

The loan account number of borrowers plays a crucial role in case they require any assistance with their loan application or encounter issues with their loan account. If borrowers face problems with their loan account, the bank or lending institution may request their loan account number to identify their details and provide assistance. Furthermore, if borrowers need to update their personal information, such as their contact number or address, the lending institution may require their loan account number for verification purposes. Therefore, borrowers should be aware of their loan account number and regularly perform a loan account number check to ensure they stay on top of their loan repayments and avoid potential problems.

How to Find Your Loan Account Number Online?

Different ways to check the loan account number are listed below:

Checking the loan statement

A borrower's loan statement will contain all the necessary details about their loan, including the loan account number.

Logging in to the website or app

By logging in to their registered account on the customer login section of the lender's website or mobile app, borrowers can find their loan account number.

Calling the toll-free customer care number

If borrowers require any information or assistance with their loan, they can call the lender's toll-free customer helpline number. For example, if a borrower has a loan from Tata Capital, they can contact their loan helpline number 1860 267 6060 between 9 am and 8 pm on working days to know their loan account number or for any other loan-related queries.

Visiting a branch

Borrowers can also visit any branch of their lender with their PAN card and other details to obtain their loan account number. They need to present these details to the officer, who will verify them and provide the loan account number.


In conclusion, knowing a loan account number is crucial to managing and monitoring loan repayments effectively. By following the various methods discussed above, individuals can easily find their loan account number and stay informed about their loan status. It is important to remember that a regular loan account number check can help avoid any potential problems and ensure a smooth loan repayment journey.

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