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Tata Capital > Blog > Personal Use Loan > Is It Wise To Take A Personal Loan For Relocation

Personal Use Loan

Is It Wise To Take A Personal Loan For Relocation

Is It Wise To Take A Personal Loan For Relocation

Looking to make a move to a new location? Read on to understand how a personal loan for relocation can help.

If you need to relocate, loans for relocation or moving could help you cover the costs. Moving loans are a type of personal credit that you can use for covering relocation expenses, such as hiring movers, renting a truck, and more. Let’s take a look at the expenses incurred during relocation and how a personal loan can help you finance your move easily.

Packing and moving

The most common expense you will incur when moving to a new location is packing and moving charges. The cost can differ depending on the transportation service you choose. That’s why compare multiple packers and movers in the market before deciding on the expenses.

Storage of goods

If you haven’t decided on a place already, you will be putting your stuff in a storage unit momentarily. The cost of renting a storage unit can vary based on the location, size, etc. Since personal finance has no restriction on its end use, you can easily use the funds to pay for storage. However, before approaching a lender, check their personal loan eligibility criteria and ensure that you fulfil them.

Transporting your vehicle

If you have a car or a two-wheeler in your current location, you’ll most likely be taking it with you to the new location. You can comfortably use a transportation service to transfer your vehicle to the new city. Besides that, you’ll also incur charges in getting your vehicle a new number plate if you’re moving states.

When you use personal finance, you can plan your repayment. With a personal loan EMI calculator, you can estimate your potential EMIs in advance.

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Temporary lodging expenses

When you are relocating to a new location, you’ll need time to find a rental home. If your employer isn’t shelling out for temporary lodging expenses, you can pay for it yourself with a loan.

Moving supplies

When you relocate, you will purchase new furniture, gas connection, electricity supply, etc. You must make provisions for these additional expenses in your relocation budget.

Deposit for a rental home

Now that you’ve found a rental home, you’ll need to submit a deposit sum before moving in. Typically, in major cities, landlords charge a minimum of 6 months of rent as deposit funds. While this sum is refundable, it’s a significant investment you make when you relocate. A loan can easily cover this expense.

Brokerage charges

When looking for a rental home, if you use broker services, you will need to pay a brokerage commission. Usually, broker services cost a month’s rent as commission, and you must pay the amount upon finalising a home. Hence, a loan can be used to set aside funds for this expense.

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Over to you

As can be seen, it’s prudent to use personal finance for relocation. When looking for a reliable financier to get personal finance- turn to Tata Capital! Avail of competitive personal loan interest rates, starting at 10.99% and custom EMI plans. Get extended loan tenures and collateral-free funding with ease. Apply today!

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