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Tata Capital > Blog > Personal Use Loan > How To Avoid Hidden Charges When Getting A Personal Loan?

Personal Use Loan

How To Avoid Hidden Charges When Getting A Personal Loan?

How To Avoid Hidden Charges When Getting A Personal Loan?


A personal loan is a great way to achieve your life's goals. Whether buying a dream home or simply travelling, it can provide fast and easy access to finances.

Further, the instant disbursal and low-interest rates are additional benefits. These loans, however, do have certain disadvantages. The fees are high; there is a risk of additional debt, and so on. In some cases, fees, such as processing or application fees, may be collected upfront during the personal loan documentation and application process. However, some charges may not be visible.

Some hidden personal loan charges are prepayment penalties, duplicate documentation, and cancellation fees. Providing instant access to funds makes borrowers forget to read the terms and conditions and research these fees in detail. Some lenders may even offer no processing fee on these loans. However, there may be other hidden costs to compensate for the same.

Thus, the borrower ends up paying far more than they anticipated. This article will discuss how one can avoid these personal loan processing fees altogether.

Ways To Avoid Hidden Charges In Personal Loans:

Following are some ways one can avoid any charges of a personal loan:

Analyse the loan agreement

It is critical to read and review any contract carefully before signing it. The same goes for personal loans as well. It may be tedious to go through multiple pages of financial terms. However, it is more important to understand that the oral discussion points between the borrower and the lender are on paper. Like the personal loan interest rate, repayment tenure, and other terms and conditions. Further, nothing additional is there.

Also, review the required documents list of the lender. If the borrower fails to provide a document, the lender may cancel the loan. Like, if a self-employed borrower avails personal loan on ITR, they need to file the ITR for a minimum of 2 years. Hence, a borrower must clarify everything.

Understand each term and charge

In a loan agreement, one may find many charges with complicated names. Review each cost carefully and discuss them with the lender to understand better. It is necessary to understand in which situations each charge becomes liable. Thus, a borrower will avoid such circumstances.

Plan the finances

Along with analysing the loan agreement thoroughly, the borrower also must review their financials. These fees are usually assessed in case of default, either through late payments or non-payments altogether. Hence, a borrower must ensure adequate funds for the fixed monthly payments of the loan. One can ensure that by reviewing their monthly expenses and planning the repayment strategy.

Research the lender

If it is too good to be true, double-check it. Some lenders offer quick approvals but have stringent hidden costs like a returned check. Thus, one needs to be wary of random online lenders. Research multiple lenders to get the best deals. However, prioritise the lender's reputation as well. A reputed lender will offer full disclosure and transparency. Read online customer reviews as well for better confirmation.

Final thoughts

The above carefully gives a detailed overview of how one can protect themselves from hidden costs in a personal loan. Taking personal loan so quickly has made fulfilling dreams easier. But one must always proceed with caution. Always remember it is a debt. Hence, tread carefully to avoid any additional costs. In case of any doubts, always take the help of a professional.

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