You, too, can apply for a medical loan and enhance the quality of your life!

Though most people may not think so, loans can be a boon in our lives. They can help us in so many ways, especially in the time of need, without creating a dent in our financial plan and goals. Most of us are familiar with personal loans, education loans, home loans, business loans etc. However, the main question here is, how many of us choose to take a medical loan?

Now before you scoff and say “Why do I need a medical loan? I already have medical insurance,” think about the fact that your insurance policy does not cover many procedures and expenses that are incurred, including a full body check-up that you desperately need or an eye surgery for your spouse or child.

We have got you thinking, haven’t we?

Well, fret not. Medical loans can help you with all these medical expenses that your insurance policy does not allow.

Wondering if you can apply for a medical loan? Well, here is our checklist to help you figure out:

  • If your medical expenses have increased substantially and cannot be covered by your insurance, you can apply for a medical loan for all additional expenses that will be incurred. Since most insurances cover surgery and admission costs, you will get a general idea as to how much you will need to pay and you can avail a medical loan for other expenses.

  • It is a known fact that long-term treatments are not under the purview of insurances. Medical loans help plan such situations better, where you know for sure that the treatment won’t stop due to non-availability of funds.

  • Forgot to renew your insurance and need to get an emergency surgery for a family member? While you wait for the renewal you can apply for a medical loan so that all the costs are covered during the waiting period. This way you do not need to worry about postponing the procedure.
  • When Sunanda Tiwari found out that she will need to go for an IVF treatment, she immediately contacted her insurance provider. She was, unfortunately, told that they do not provide coverage for this treatment and she would need to pay for the same from her pocket. This is heart-breaking news for anyone who lives on a budget and is trying to conceive. Believe it or not, most insurances do not cover a lot of procedures lie eye surgeries, IVF treatments, gastric bypass surgery etc. Instead of feeling dejected, she applied for a medical loan that helped her organise funds for her entire course of treatment.

Financial institutions like Tata Capital help at times like these. You should never be in a position where you need to choose between a medical treatment and funds. Your health is more important than anything else. So don’t run away from the idea of a medical loan. This could help you and your loved one!

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