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Tata Capital > Blog > Medical Loan > Guide for Availing Medical Loan Online

Medical Loan

Guide for Availing Medical Loan Online

Guide for Availing Medical Loan Online

India, the rate of inflation in healthcare is almost two times than in other
sectors. Even with health insurance, out-of-pocket expenditures on medical
treatments can put many families into dire financial constraints. Unforeseen
expenses can disrupt your life savings. 

Know More

instead of liquidating your investments for paying exorbitant medical bills,
you can apply for medical loan. This is a type of personal loan wherein you do
not have to pledge collateral and can use the proceeds for meeting healthcare
costs. If you need information on how to get a medical loan in case of emergencies,
here is a brief guide.

Compare interest rates

banks and NBFCs offer loans for medical procedures and treatments. The interest
charged depends on your job profile, the reputation of the company you work in,
your monthly salary, the city you live in, and other such parameters. You can
research online and find a lender that offers the most competitive medical loan
interest rates.

Check your eligibility

can find out the loan you are eligible for by visiting the financial
institution’s website. Your age, the number of months you have been working in
your current organization, your monthly salary and work experience determine
whether you can avail of a loan for medical treatment. Try to find the
financier with the least stringent eligibility criteria and terms that suit
your requirements.

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Determine the EMI

can use a medical loan calculator on the lender’s website to determine how much
you have to pay in equated monthly instalments (EMIs). If you want to lower
your EMIs, you can select a longer repayment tenure. It’s always advisable
to find out the EMIs for different loan tenures and then decide accordingly.

Prepayment, foreclosure, and other charges

you want to repay the loan in part or in full, you might be charged for
prepayment or foreclosure. Some lenders will allow part payment of the
principal amount without charging any extra amount. 

company granting the loan will also ask for some non-refundable fees to process
the loan. Moreover, if you delay EMI payments, you will have to pay an
additional penalty interest on the overdue amount. You can also be fined if
your EMI check bounces due to insufficient funds in your bank account. Find out
more about such miscellaneous fees and opt for a lender that charges the least
to avoid increasing the overall cost of your loan.

Documents required

will need to provide documents in support of your eligibility to avail of a
medical loan. These documents include:

  • Photo
    identity proof
  • Address
  • Your
    latest salary slips and updated bank statements
  • A
    certificate stating the period you have been in continuous paid employment

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Nobody should delay medical treatments for lack of money. If you need money to cover healthcare costs, apply for a personal loan for medical emergency from Tata Capital. Get quick access to funds with instant loan approval and get the best possible treatment at the earliest.

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