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Tata Capital > Blog > COVID-19 > Lockdown News > How to Reduce Weight During Lockdown

Lockdown News

How to Reduce Weight During Lockdown

How to Reduce Weight During Lockdown

Most of us started the Coronavirus lockdown with high hopes, but now lethargy has started setting in after being cooped inside for over fifty days. With our daily schedules being turned on the head and boredom setting in with each passing day, most of us are turning to unhealthy eating during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Being just a few steps away from the kitchen has made snacking around the clock, a common occurrence. This unfettered access to food at home, coupled with insufficient physical activity, is gradually leading to unprecedented weight gain during this Coronavirus outbreak.

Tips to Reduce Weight During Lockdown

Here are a few practical tips to reduce weight during lockdown.

Eat Wisely and Timely

To reduce weight during quarantine, you don’t have to go on any particular diet. You can easily avoid food items that have a high sugar content or are processed. Food items with saturated fats and high sodium content must also be shunned, at least temporarily. With the lockdown in motion, most people are already restricted to eating home-cooked meals, which itself, is healthier than eating out.

Reducing weight is all about consuming fewer calories than what you are using up. Since you cannot exercise much with the Coronavirus lockdown in motion, you must cut down on your calorie intake. Therefore, eat more vegetables, pulses, fruits, and reduce the consumption of carbohydrates such as rice, chapattis, potatoes, etc. Also, stay away from fried food items and eat sprouts, salads or dry fruits if you like daytime snacking.

 Since your body does not require much energy while sleeping, dinner is an excellent time to avoid carbohydrates. Along with eating right, timely meals are also essential. Your body’s metabolism works efficiently when healthy and nutritious food is eaten at regular intervals. Make sure to avoid eating dinner very late, and then going to sleep immediately afterwards.

Daily Exercise

Don’t completely stop working out just because you are stuck at home. Physical activity during this crisis will keep your body weight in check and boost immunity. Exercise is also great for mental health, as it reduces stress and anxiety by releasing endorphins that elevate your mood.

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To reduce weight during quarantine, you don’t need to resort to hard-core exercises. You can pick something simple, like skipping, yoga, or Pilates. You can even try combining different exercises to target different muscle groups within your body. Look for home workout videos online that can help you get fitter and break the monotony of repeating the same exercises. In addition to this, several fitness apps can be downloaded on your smartphone to help keep track of your weight and food intake. Exercising for forty-five minutes to an hour, four to five days a week, is more than adequate. Regular work-outs can quickly become one of your Coronavirus lockdown solutions that not only help you lose weight but also makes you feel productive.

Now that you have a pragmatic answer to 'how to reduce weight during lockdown?', follow the instructions to keep your weight in check. You might think that without going to the gym or using fancy equipment, reducing weight may not be possible, but that is not true. Making a few lifestyle adjustments and sticking with them is enough to keep your weight in check during the Coronavirus led lockdown. During this COVID-19 pandemic, a healthy body and mind are of utmost importance, so actively participate in keeping yourself fit and healthy!

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